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RE: Smart Watch: Modern Slavery & The Road To Sovereignty...

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That's a tough one.
Being connected has become a drug and most people want even more closeness to digial reality than what their phone brings them. Next thing you know people will get chipped in order to literally bring digital reality to their eyes. Of course, buying the watch and wearing it are your decisions, but it would be optimistic to say it wasn't slightly influenced either by Apple or by Society itself. As much as a drug addict isn't free, people who are addicted to these technologies aren't free, in my opinion. I guess we're all slave to our desires, one way or another.
Now of course it depends on the usage you have. If you're jogging every morning and use it to track your performance, that's great. If you got it to access facebook notifications faster, that's not great.


Have you ever watched the show Black Mirror on Netflix?

If not, you’d probably like it. Great show that addresses these types of relationship dynamics with technology and where we may be heading with them...

I sure did and maybe it's time to rewatch some of them. Great show indeed, and I would say that above the great scenarios they offer, the actors are simply amazing.