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Hey pals, woke up this morning looking for what to do because for the past two months I've been basically doing nothing due to the current Situation of the world "lockdown". After much thought I decided to visit whatsapp where I chatted a friend @tony-duke asking him how he was coping with the lockdown situation and he told me of the hive community saying it was similar to steemit that I should give it a try since I like blogging.


This is my first post and it's going to be an introductory post about myself and what I plan to offer to the community as suggested by @anomadsoul.
Okay to cut the story short, I am Duru Jerry by name and would like to recognized as @jaydurella on this platform. I'm a Nigerian citizen, still an undergraduate studying Electrical Engineering and major in Power Systems Engineering. I love a lot of things, but I'll be mentioning a few of my hobbies which include playing chess, video games, traveling and I won't forget to mention tweaking any electronic device I can lay my hands upon.

As I mentioned in my hobbies that I love tweaks you should know that I would like to bring alot of my tweaks to this platform for members to try and I'll also be sharing some engineering knowledge with the community cos that's what I'm studying officially. The tweaks is just a side course.

I also would love to remain an active member of this community after the 2020 pandemic even though I heard of it because of the pandemic.

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Just tweeted about my introductory post. You should check it 📤.

Welcome to hive. I look forward to seeing how your posts develop and hope you have a great time here. Don't be afraid to engage with users on their posts as it will be the fastest way for you to expose your own work to the community. It's not enough to simply post, you need to engage with others.

All the best.

Thanks for the advice.... Will do my best