Holy Smokes!

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Today was another frustrating day at the library. Yesterday was merely a harbinger of things to come.

I started out trying to get the GoPro rig to work so I could film a craft project. Let's just say it did not go well, and I will try again tomorrow.

We also had a flood of returns like we rarely saw even before the COVID kerfuffle, and we were shorthanded today.

My back is also aching quite a lot, so hopping up and down to help people, plus bouncing between tasks, took a toll.

I'm so done with today.

But there was also one other thing, nay, one other person, that irritated me severely.

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While carrying video equipment back and forth, I noticed a foul stench in the air in our foyer. A foul stench that rarely intrudes at all, though it has been known to linger on some returned items. It was a particularly rank smell of cheap tobacco.

I don't like tobacco smoke in general, but to my untrained nose, this was probably from the cheapest smokes money can buy. It was foul. and sure enough, there was an old man sitting on our bench by the front door just a few feet away from our sign that clearly says, "no smoking within 20 feet of building entrance."

Even if it weren't a legal matter, one would hope smokers would have some courtesy. But apparently not. He did move after I asked him to not smoke by our door, though.

Later on, he came inside to charge his laptop. He had finished his cigarette, but there was still a powerful lingering odor surrounding him. And when he left, Febreze was liberally applied in the area he had occupied.

On the one hand, I have a very laissez faire attitude toward personal habits. On the other hand, tobacco is an objectively destructive addiction.

I strongly advise any smokers reading this to kick the habit. Or at least realize that some of us have health problems you may trigger, even when you aren't actively smoking. I know some people smoke once in a while without smelling like old ashtray all the time, but even so, it's just another chain holding you back while keeping you beholden to the tobacco industry.

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Here we have legalized mary jane, and I am not against it. However, wow, I think I have gotten a contact high off some folks clothes in an elevator.

Of course dont even get me started on the non-bathers. Ewww. Would it be rude to Febreze people?

We have had people walk in reeking of BO and farm. We even had people walk in wearing farm boots and leave manure footprints on our carpets. I'd say if they set the tune, they'd better be willing to dance to it. But the manager, Mrs. C, tells me no.

It stinks and the cheap cheap smokes stink even worse. They just don't care. Think that it is impinging their liberty if you tell em to beat it.

Hey! You're back! And thanks for the comment, too!


The last time I took the dog in to get its nails trimmed, the groomer had obviously been smoking in her garage/ grooming shop. It was yucky.

He should quit now, while he still has the chance,...

I stopped smoking years ago when I almost died in bed, literally! It just happened, I can't breathe! I opened the window, took my clothes off, drank some water and I still had difficulty breathing. That's when I decided to quit.

Good on you! It must have been horrifying to make you kick an addiction like that.

Yup, it's hard to kick the habit especially if you see people smoking at work and they invite you to join them. However, quitting cigarettes is not as horrifying as suffocating in bed, lol.