Hive on Wikipedia. Can we make it happen?

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Hello blockchain people!

I was wondering the other day, why is there still not a Wikipedia page about Hive...

So I decided to make this post to bring awareness on the topic and ask everybody from the community for help in making this happen.

Since Wikipedia is open-source I think its not gonna be a problem, plus I think having a page about us on Wiki is gonna bring a lot more traffic onto here and also inform other people about what the platform is. 🙂

I'd like to ask for help from the community in creating the page since I'm pretty new and have very little knowledge on what the platform actually is and how it works.

If you think this is a good idea, please share this post and give me a comment down below. I'd be happy to see what other people think.

Thanks for reading and as always, have a good and blessed day. ♥️✌️


I think is a great idea and way to support the growing idea about #hive #blockchain
I actually did the same a few weeks ago in a in This post
That made over 4000 views and a fewer interactions as well.
I’m actually about to make a new once soon but I want to reorganize my thoughts 💭
If you decide to register you can help me earn some points that I can use to promote the post and also create your own about Hive you can use:

Referral link here

Actually I’m gonna do a separate post about it very soon.
Or I can welcome @ivangeevo to make his own.


@tipu curate

@iliyan90 I'm definetely gonna look into it these days! Putting it on my to-do list 😉

@ivangeevo cool ;)

@tipu curate

Very good my comment up ⬆️ @iliyan90

This is good to hear

@faithluck Yeah man, I hope some good content creators notice this and lend a hand in making this happen.

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good ideal

It's a great idea. I think anyone can create a page or are there restrictions in place?

@charcoalbuffet I think anyone with an account can create a page, but maybe it has to go some type of revision from the mods before being published.