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Hello all friends

How are you? Hopefully it's okay. Even though this is still a pandemic period, I hope all of my friends are okay, I want to remind you again that we are disciplined in carrying out health protocols. Because the corona is still there and I hope we can all get through this pandemic.

Honestly, this is the first time for me to write on HIVE BLOG. And I visited this HIVE platform because my friend @mirz wrote on this platform first. I along with @mirz are colleagues in a government institution in charge of health matters, more precisely we work at the Cut Meutia General Hospital. Which is located in the province of Aceh and more precisely in the district of North Aceh.

Hopefully this is the beginning of success for me by turning writing into a means of knowledge and stories that I can share with all my friends on this platform. Besides that, I also have a hobby in photography that I can share and share with all HIVE friends.

Almost forgot, I haven't introduced myself. "Don't Know So Don't Love", more or less that's the old saying, friends.

Introduce my name is MUHAMMAD IQBAL BIN ABDUL MUTHALIB, I am often called "IQBAL". This is the name I received from the people I live in. But if I am in the circle where I work, I am often called by the additional name of the location where I am placed. For example, I am currently serving in the Emergency Department, so the nickname I receive at this time is "IQBAL IGD". It's funny, but that's the truth guys.

I was born on Monday, 20 junior 1988, born of 3 brothers, all of whom are boys. My first brother named MUHAMMAD BQIHAQKI is 31 years old, while my second brother named MUHAMMAD ZIKRULLAH FIFNANDA is 28 years old. Yes, it is true that I was born to be the first child as well as the eldest brother of my younger siblings.

Turning to education, I went to elementary school at SDN 1 Blang Mangat, then continued the school in charge of religion at MTS Ulumul Qu'an, Langsa. which is far from the district where I live. Then he continued his education at MAN 1, Lhokseumawe. And after completing 9 years of compulsory education, I finally studied at the STIKes Muhammadiyah college, Lhokseumawe. In charge of health. And finally I made it through all of this and wanted to work in a hospital. In 2011 I was accepted to work at the Cut Meutia General Hospital, Lhokseumawe until now.

I already have a wife and a very cute child, now he is 2 years old. She is very cute and beautiful like her mother. At the age of 2 years, he is very active, likes to run and jump, so we as parents must be alert in caring for and teaching him.

That's a short introduction from me, I hope this all can describe me. Thank you for stopping by in my first post, see you in my next post.




Welcome iq-bal!
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Thank you for your support, this is an additional motivation for me to be able to work better in the future.

Hello @iq-bal! This is @jcrodriguez from the @OCD team. Welcome to hive!

Congratulations on making your first publication and introducing yourself to the community.

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Thank you, this guide means a lot to me to start working on this hive blog platform

Hi, welcome to Hive! As a nice start, you might want to check the communities under the incubation program of OCD by following this link

Good luck and greetings from the Philippines!

Thank you, the support from all of you means a lot to me in starting to work here

You're welcome (^_^)

Hi welcome 🤝

Thank you my friend, you are very instrumental for me in starting work here.

U'r welcome brother 🤝🤝

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Thank you

This is to help you interact and post other things here... ☺🤝


greetings from me to you.

Welcome to the HIVE blog.

Thank you brother

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