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RE: Posting frequency and the blurry line

in OCD2 years ago

One thing (one thing of many but this is the biggest thing) I have not yet understood why some people would think: "Because I once got payd well in Steem, I am supposed to get that same amount now that I then did. Because it's what I deserve."

None of us actually deserve any of the Steem here because we once got something. Those who have worked / do work hard, do deserve and do get more, but no matter how long someone has been here, how many quality posts they have done, how hard they have worked for that, how good luck they had or how high Steem has been, that can all change. Investing large amounts of your own money is different than working hard and getting a steady income. Steem isn't steady so why does it still come such a big shock to some people that they no longer for some reason do not get as much as they used to? So they change their behavior in posting. Because they may think that they deserve more. Although so many others also get less here.

A touch or greed with the selfish thoughts of I deserve more (than others).

The use of common sense really is too much to ask. And if you in any of the several cases in life find yourself explaining what in that particular case would be within reason, you always realize that if you have to explain it, the person you explain it to, probably won't get it anyway. Why something is okay sometimes but not always and where is the fluctuating, invisible line.

"Nothing I say can change that persons mind." At least that's how I see things. Of course it's not that black and white. So if I sometimes encounter someone who is on the edge of realizing what is common sense, I give them a little push by saying the obvious: "If it was someone else doing this what you want to do, would you be okay with it and tolerate it? If not, there's your line."

But as you implied, not everyone gets it. Here in Steem several people may be okay with them and other people posting whatever, all the time, several times a day because they don't actually go and see how the blockchain looks like. They only see if they got what they think they deserve. And if they didn't they blame other people here. "Why you not upvote my posts?" "Why that one got that but I didn't?" "You all upvote wrong!"

The community future


Content separation through Communities

Exactly what you said and couldn't concur more and my thoughts and and and. Yes. It's a good thing. Although I like the messy blockchain on it's own too.


The sense of entitlement runs strong in the world these days, even more online as there can be the impression of competence given without needing a reality. Most people including myself are unlikely to be able to compete with professionals with our content, but that is not the point of steem, it is about being able to offer to the community directly.

When it comes to the earning levels, many people do not understand that 100 dollars worth of Steem at 5 dollars is only 20 steem, and they used to get a 100 dollars on a post, so why aren't they now, even though 100 dollars worth is 500 steem. Many do not know how the pool works and, aren't willing to learn.

There are the ebbs and flows in all things, some people handle them better than others.

Thanks for the good comment!


The sense of entitlement runs strong in the world these days, even more online as there can be the impression of competence given without needing a reality.

And people over ideas. I before we. I believe that topic has been many times here too. Conveniently it fits well together with entitlement.

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