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Hello everyone.
I finally get to begin my journey on this platform. Delayed for a while but now, I’m here for good!

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Quick story; as someone that loves to create content, my friend @jaydr saw some of them one day and asked me if I knew about Hive. As a ‘tech bro’ I thought I was well informed, little did I know that I knew nothing about this platform. Did a little research and I was very well surprised about this community, connecting people from all over the world. @jaydr taught me everything I needed to know and here I am, ready to get going, connect with you all and also have you connected to my world.

I am David OLOGUNDE Remilekun, you can call me General D. I’m 22 years old, a Nigerian and a final year Electrical Engineering student of the prestigious University of Ibadan, Nigeria. I’m a native of Osun State but I was born and I lived all my life in Ekiti State until University had to move me to the not so far away Oyo State. I consider Ibadan, Oyo State second home because my parents met and got married here and almost all my mum’s family are in Ibadan. Since resuming school, it’s been some enjoyable 5 years of getting used to life in Ibadan City.
To talk a little about my hometown, I’m from Kuta in Osun State, a very unpopular town and truth be told, I’ve never been there. I consider myself a native of Osun by mere confession (Apologies to my folks.)
There are quite a number of interesting things about me but if there’s one that stands out the most, it is that I consider myself very good with people. I can be so shy but the moment we get on, we can be very good. I can also be very transparent and honest. If you have me as a friend, you sure do have one you can trust and rely on. I try my best as God also helps me to help people at every moment I can. Some call it a weakness but I consider it one of my strengths.



You might have already seen I mentioned God. I can be so vocal about Jesus and you can’t even blame me because I don’t have an idea of what my life would be like without Him. Another thing that has all my interest is filmmaking. I love every single aspect of making films and I’ve tried myself to get some done. For now, I’m focused on the post production aspect that involves visuals and audio editing. I consider myself a Pro-Video Editor, even though I’m just about 7years in the art. I barely do a day without opening up the Adobe editing softwares. You can very well call it an addiction. Nothing gives me as much joy as being able to tell a story through audio and visuals.

[Shooting my first TV Series]

[Shooting in my mini home studio]

I love learning and exploring, I love to meet and interact with new people. I love the fact that two individuals can have totally different mindsets and world views but still co-exist. Knowing how wide this community is, I decided to join to harness every part of it and also grow on this space.
From me, you can look forward to what my life as a filmmaker and a movie lover generally looks like. I’ll give movie reviews and breakdown complex scenes to my film folks.
I’ll also write about my passions as a content creator. That being said, please expect a lot of videos from me also; especially videos on how I make my videos.

Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 23.56.07.png
[Working on some tutorial videos]

Some months ago, I posted a video as my first post but thankfully, @indyciara and @lovesniper were kind enough to teach me the appropriate way to go about things.

Interestingly, I’ve joined @moviesonhive and I hope to be very much involved. I also joined @hivenaija and @ocd.
I’m super excited and I can’t wait to get started with this community. It’s definitely going to be a beautiful ride.

I look forward to interacting with you all and exploring all the opportunities available on the hive community.

General D.


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You're welcome to hive the general.. it's time to bring that your creativity in here.

I'm sure you will love it as well.. so explore the chain to it's fullest capacity.

Thank you so much!
I'll definitely do that.

You're welcome

You've come the right place and there are so much more for you in the world of Hive. Keep learning to discover the many opportunities. You are welcome David

Thank you so much Collinz. Thnak you!

It's great to have you on board finally bro.
You've gone through quite a lot of learning. I think it's time for you to begin to showcase the things you have.

Still so much more to learn though.
Feel free to ask any questions you have here on the Block. Anyone is willing and ready to answer.


Thank you so much sir.🤗

Its is a very good thing thing to have you here...
I am sure you are going to enjoy every bit of your time here...

I'll make sure to enjoy, thank you.🤗

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