I got a problem at the office yesterday!

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Last Thursday as usual I started the day working as usual, the procurement administrator was my jobdesk while, my jobdesk was helping procurement run.

At 7.30 i entered the office greeting other employees even though they had started preparing their respective days, although not immediately busy at that time as well but it seems they were very excited about the task they were carrying out, oh yes back to our intelligence earlier, as in my introduction on Hive yesterday I mentioned what my educational background during college and also my interest in technology information, Yes, my educational background is informatics engineering, informatics engineering is a science that studies how a data can be processed into information or how a person can solve a problem that can be a solution in the future rather difficult to translate clearly to the audience what is informatics,

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just to be easier you can understand it like this informatics is a science that learns very strong basic logic so to be an expert you have to understand basic logic to solve problems like I said earlier. Maybe that's just a little understanding I can give you.

Let's continue to say what is the title of this post is why I got a little problem today in the office, so that morning I got a task from the boss to check the computer invetaris in our office how many units, the problem started from here.

When I opened the warehouse I saw that there were 6 cpu units and 6 units of monitors and support devices such as mice and keyboards and some support cables such as LAN cables and power cables, the boss told me to put them together into 1 unit of a full PC so that it could be used for work.

After I checked one by one it turned out that from the four computers had lost each ram, the question arises "how can it be? Why aren't all the devices taken?"

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 " "20220114_162757.jpg""

The computer has 4 RAM slots for each unit which 1 slot we can fill with 2 GB of DDR 3 RAM is actually quite simple to overcome the problem I just tell the boss by buying it how necessary, the problem I think is resolved at that time, apparently the boss asked me to check what type of motherboard so that the RAM is not wrong to buy.

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Here's more or less my conversation with my boss,

Boss: "How, the computer has a problem?"

Me: "There is a sir. The problem is that the RAM in the CPU no longer exists."

Boss: "Then how? Can't fix it?"

Me: "Can you sir. There's one CPU that has RAM and it's still working properly."

Boss: "Well, if so try to test one by one the CPU what can turn on"

Me: "I've tested sir, all CPUs are working properly"

Boss: "You check one by one the motherboard so we can buy new RAM"

Me: "I've checked sir, the required RAM is DDR type 3"

Boss: "Where can that be, you still have to check the motherboard series"

Me: "no need to pack DDR3 RAM is indeed a need for this CPU specification"

Boss: "No you still have to check the motherboard"

Me: "ok sir"

What do you think? Am I the one who has not managed to convey information or is it my boss who does not understand what I mean? That's the problem I faced in the office yesterday, I was confused what to do, because I think what the boss assigned I have done well, but the boss sticks with the principle that I have to fulfill.

I am indeed a person who understands computer devices, I am also experienced in resparation, because in the past when I was still in college I had opened computer repair services and troubleshoting program errors, and reinstalled the OS, but I did not really like to dismantle the computer because it was the job of technicians who understand resparation. I prefer to build software and fix software problems, although I am required to understand the hardware, but today I feel like I failed to convince my boss with the problems and solutions I encountered.

Maybe that's all I can share with the HIVE community today, if there is advice and input can be commented on below, so! Have a nice day mates!