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I just visited @steemitblog

Hello Steemians, as of now, the proposal to lower the power down period to 4 weeks has 20 million Steem Power backing it, while the proposal not to lower the power down period has around 17 million Steem Power behind it.

I am wondering if the increase in the price of Steem has anything to with people buying specifically to make sure the rules change. I am wondering if the price will slump again after the decision has been made.
Any thoughts to share with regard to that?


I think it's highly unlikely people would buy steem just for a rule change. It's more likely just new money entering the crypto market on a broad scale. Infact I think we are going to see sustainable gains like this for another 2-3 years now.

I think we are going to see sustainable gains like this for another 2-3 years now.

What contributes to you drawing that conclusion?

We have a dwindling user base, many of the new accounts being created are just troll accounts used for flag attacks funded by Steemit inc. From where I am sitting things don't look that hopeful right now.

The size of user base has much more to do with the price of steem and the overall psychology of the crypto market than any other fundamentals. As we continue to move in to a crypto bull market I guarantee that we will have a tsunami of new and old users coming in. Plus we have other dapps being built on steem like steem monsters (the biggest blockchain game in the world)

I would never have thought of it from that angle, thanks.

Steem has been and continues to be in the top 6 most sctive blockchains for years. Theres at least 40-50 coins with bigger market cap that have virtually no activity, theyre garbage compared to steem. Check this out

Undervalued?? I think so lol

Maybe so but there are many more accounts being created by actual people with interest in the platform. I ran into a dude yesterday that just joined and bought over 4K SP because he saw Steem and believed in it.

Point is, it's not about who leaves or does the fake flagging thing, it's about the few that join.

Don't get me wrong I would not be here if I did not see the potential.
And we can point to people like @theycallmedan he has invested both time and money and @tarazkp who has invest a lot and creates great content.

To help it along the road to becoming something even more inviting, we need to have a balanced picture of the positive things as well as the negative. Which is why I asked the question to @cyberblock about what contributes to his conclusion. I hope he shares more about what he seeing that I am not

I don't think so. THey would have to buy a massive amount, and we aren't seeing those knids of volumes.

Yes I agree.
I was actually thinking something quite different and not thinking they would be buying to power up for the vote. Its probably much better if I just shut the fuck up about those kind of thoughts. Next time I will just let the thought rattle around then drift off into space lol

Next time I will just let the thought rattle around then drift off into space lol

Lol, definitely not! The benefit I have found in steem is getting my thoughts out there and testing them out. If done earnestly, it is generally well accepted and creates thoughtful discussion and new learning for everyone.


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