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RE: G-dog gets G-Shocked - Again

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I like the fact that the face is recessed and is not the first surface that the <insert name of every abrasive surface you can imagine> will rub up against.

Almost every watch I buy gets scratched within the first week. It doesn't matter if the face is mineral, sapphire, rare crystal, plastic etc etc. I WILL manage to drag my wrist through the corresponding kryptonite.

The more expensive the watch - the faster I will do it.

Back in the day, I had a couple of cheap swatch watches. The one accessory you could get for them was the swatch guard. It was ugly, but it protected the face ... Well... in one smooth motion, while doing something under a car while on asphalt, I scraped hard enough to remove the guard and scratch the face in one swipe of my arm. :-)

My time record is .... Buy watch at store in mall (put it on) ... exit store, buy an espresso, exit mall, head to car, drop lid from espresso and wind carries it under car. Reach under car to grab espresso, scrape watch on underside of car while retrieving the lid. Swear the whole way home.

So .... as mentioned above ... my favourite feature about your new watch is that the face is recessed. But all of the other extremely cool features are nice too. ;-)


Haha, the time record part cracked me up. I know people who have the same affliction and there's actually a name for it. Watchscratcherism. The medical researchers are still seeking a cure under the guidance of the World Health Organisation and charities fund the effort, and their own pockets of course. 1% of funding goes to the research and the rest to junkets, prestige vehicles and refurbishment of corporate offices.

You'd have to try pretty hard to scratch this watch face but I guess it's possible. They use a combination of crystallised angel tears and and space diamonds from Uranus to create the surface and its as tough. It would be good for phone screens too but the phone manufacturers don't user it otherwise our phones would not scratch or break and that would affect their revenue.

It's a nice watch and whilst it'll get abulused over time it'll stand up to it pretty well. Even coffee cup lid under car reaching has been thought of.

I'm actually the same with sunglasses. If I buy a pair of <$20 sunnies at the gas station, they'll last me a couple of years. If I buy a nice pair anywhere above $100, they will be scratched or lost within the week.

My wife doubted me and bought me a nice pair once.

Only once

An age-old problem most have. My sunglasses are prescription, Oakley's with my bi-focal prescription lenses...Super expensive so I have to be careful with them but...You know. Lol.