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RE: Paper gifts and making 7500 HIVE in an hour for FREE

in OCD3 months ago

Wow, you did a great job helping him out on recovering his account. The same thing happened to my first account, I don't how I lost my keys but I was lucky because the account was very fresh and I don't have up to $10 worth of hive.

It taught me to take my keys seriously because it would hurt me badly if there was a lot of money in the account.

Good for the person, about trusting people. I have met people virtually and I believe that they wouldn't cheat me and even though we haven't met them in reality, I still do trust them.


Many people think that it is like Facebook - just request another. The reason facebook can do that is because they own your account, not you.

You have a point, Hive can't be compared to Facebook at any level. I stopped using it a very long time ago because I can't imagine using a platform that doesn't add value to me.

Instead, it puts me at risk of someone stealing my data, recently my Instagram was hacked and few friends were duped because they believed I was the one talking to them to invest in some kind of business.

I understand why the security level on Hive is high and it is for our good.