Mack Anthem seven: The final video

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Hey y'all...It has finally happened...The Mack Anthem is complete after around 30 hours of work over seven building sessions, two that included deconstruction and reconstruction after I made errors, some frustration and a lot of fun!


I wasn't going to do a video but was coaxed into it by a user who seemed pretty keen to see the container loader in action and so I acquiesced to his request and here it is. Please keep in mind I am not good at videos...I mean I'm great at watching them but not so good at creating them, so be kind...Or not. Tear shreds off me telling me how shit it is if you like; Your choice.

I really enjoyed this build, a pretty large one at almost 1 metre in length, that's three feet for you Americans. It was complex at times, especially when I added to that with my errors, although I found it rewarding...It's fun to play with the finished product too.

It has working steering, tilting hood section that reveals the engine in which the pistons operate off a cam shaft as the vehicle moves. The doors open and close and it has an operational trailer hitch. The hero of the show is the operational container loader which is operated by a couple of hydraulic rams and a series of cogs and shafts. It also has stabilising legs which deploy to permit a roll-over when the trailer is being loaded and unloaded.

Anyway, here's a video I made last night.

So, that concludes the Mack Anthem build. I have my next model waiting for construction already and will reveal that in a later post. If it is half as enjoyable as this Mack was to build it will be awesome!

Thanks to those who have followed and commented along the way. And to those who don't like Lego, I appreciate your patience.

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Think the only thing was your "fly around" at the beginning was a bit jerky but I'm guessing you were walking around it and not sure how to smooth that aside from getting/making a dolly and that's only going to be worthwhile if you're going to be doing lots of these or you could collapse/assemble it easily out of parts you do have regular uses for XD

The focus shots were very well done :)

That thing is huge! Youngest is in the room with me and would glance over on occasion and it took him a bit to get the scale of the thing and he was really, really impressed by the working crane and the fact that they included the braces XD In fairness it was thoroughly impressive.

There's people that don't like Lego?

I don't have the money to get one of those gimbal things but considering how me walking around the truck with a selfie-stick came out I may have to invest. The video is pretty shit overall but it does what it needs to and it's not like Hollywood are ever going to draw on my cinema-photography skills. Lol. I'm sure I'll cop some flack for being shit at video-making and it's all good, it won't hurt mu feelings. I'm good at lego making, and am one of those friends people like to have so will be content with those things...I don't need awesome video-maker on my resumé to make me feel good. 😬

It's a big model though huh? I'll be driving it around the lounge room a little more before it get's placed up on top of my piano...Don't worry, if you come over, you can play with it too.

I don't know if there's people that don't like Lego but wouldn't be surprised if that was the case...It takes all kinds of weirdos to make up our planet, so why not Lego-haters.

I'm not giving you flak, I just keep picking up that you kind of want criticism/tips for improvement even if you keep saying you don't hence giving you stuff to think about for the next photos/videos or not as you like XD

And you being you it wouldn't surprise me if you subconsciously want to improve in all areas of your life even if consciously you couldn't care less about some things like stupid blog photos

If I ever came over I don't think I would touch it, be too scared I might break it XD

Haha, all good...But I'M BLAMING YOU that I bought a gimbal for my phone yesterday. Thanks for nothing Ry! 🤣 (DJI Osmo 3)

My videos will thank you.

Yes, I am not the type who likes to be average when I can be better. That's not in my nature.

P.s. You can play with it, I'll let ya. If you break it ya bought it though! 😉


ahem I mean only listen to what I'm saying if it makes sense ;D

And think how pro the videos you don't care about are going to start looking ;D

You're an evil little lass! You and your mind control.

So, I'll be honest, the thing I got was on the shopping list anyway, and I was able to get it on sale, and partly with a gift card that a client gave me so...Over 50% off retail making it affordable. I'll post about it soon...

Man, this is some sad shit. I can't believe you're still fucking with Lego's, when a real man would be building with K'NEX. Jesus.

Haha! I know, shameful huh? I'm a total loser.

You may have just confirmed that I need this in my life. It looks great.

It's pretty sweet! So much fun to play with. My apology for the crap video, I don't have a gimbal, but obviously you get the idea. This was great fun to build! Big model too...Now, where to put it...

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Nice truck and lot's of gears making that loader work.

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Yeah, I know right? I'm surprised a knucklehead like me managed to get it right! Lol.

You had a good day?

You have done very my friend on the build and video 👍. Had a good day getting things ready for the house auction on Saturday. Did you have a good day?

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Wasn't too bad today, productive. Slow day tomorrow I hope, no appointments which is cool. 🤣

I hope the auction goes well Saturday. Had good interest?

It has the steering wheel on the wrong side...for Australia :). Other than that it's a working product.

Yes, true...Well spotted...If the real truck was here, which it is not, then it would have to RHD. So, when I play with it I'll have to pretend I'm in the States. :)

Nice LEGO build. Can't wait to see what the next one is.

It came out really well and I'm pleased...It's fun to play with. I'll be posting about the next one shortly.

Thanks for the update! It's pretty great to see it all working together as one, and the final piece looks really neat!

I wasn't going to do a video but was coaxed into it by a user who seemed pretty keen to see the container loader in action and so I acquiesced to his request and here it is.

Yep... That's me! You say that you're not good with videos, but this is a pretty great video that you've put together at the request of one rather noisy user. Thanks so much for putting together a video (and sorry for the inconvenience ) :-)

I think among all the Lego builds that you've done so far, this might be the neatest in my opinion, simply due to the machinations behind the "hydraulic" container loader. Having working cylinder banks are rather cool, but I enjoy like to small details here, like the chains to "hold" the container in place. Overall, it's a pretty great mechanism to have been put together in Lego form.

Interested to see what's next for your Lego creations. I enjoy the fact that you're enjoying building them :-)

Hey there, yeah it was a bit of fun putting it together, the video and the model. I'm going to do another video of the Landrover Defender I built too. In a few weeks. It should be a better video.

The Mack was cool to build by my next is cool too...That's a post for about 12 hours away though...So you'll have to wait. 😉🙈 No peaking!

Thanks for prompting me to do the video. Was a bit of fun. Hope you like the next one too.

I'm glad that you've had fun. It would surprise me greatly if you haven't... when was the last time someone played with Legos, and was sad about it?

The video turned out really great, certainly better than what I could do, anyways, and it really showed off how the Mack's container loading system worked. I can't wait to see the next build in place!

Dang man, you vying for the coveted reward of the world's worst video? I'm just teasing, I thought it was great. Nice set up, telling us how bad you are at making videos!
The music was cool, the demonstration of the container loading and unloading was great. Really an awesome, awesome build.


Now that is Frikkin' Awesome...!!

I have not seen one of these types of container trailers in the States.

Is it a common type on the other side of the 3rd Rock....?

Reasonably common here as the country is kept moving by trucks hauling containers around. They get lifted off ships or trains onto trailers and then taken to their final destination. If there is no crane at that location then a crane truck is required. Pretty cool huh?