How to develop android's apps. Introduction to programing

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Nowadays many things are being made by man for his own benefit. As you can see in your daily life. If you look at a person every day is looking for something new. And he is succeeding in it.

Now if we talk about mobile today. So today's child knows how to operate a mobile phone. And maybe no adult in his household knows as much about mobile as he does.

Man is progressing in everything in the world. This can be dangerous without considering it.

Similarly, there is a lot of development in computer technology. That is, you can estimate it by the fact that everything you have is dependent on internet, mobile and computer etc. Now it has happened that if a person does not get food, he will survive, but not with mobile phones etc.

So now I come to my main topic which is the introduction of programming.

Most of you know about android development. And many will try to find out.That means you use some apps every day through your mobile. Whatever you do, you do it with the help of these apps. Have you ever wondered and tried to find out how these apps were developed?

If you know how these apps have been developed. That's a wonderful thing. If not here's a new product just for you!

Many IDE (integrated Development Environment) can be used to develop these apps with the help of many languages.Such as java, kotlin, c++ and c etc. These apps are developed using these languages.

Many IDEs are being used to develop these apps. One of which is android studio. android studio is an ide that is officially used for google's android development.

android studio is built specifically for the android operating system,built on the intelli J IDEA software of JetBrain.Android studio uses mostly kotlin and java languages ​​to develop apps.

Let's end this post with this short introduction. I will keep sharing more posts of android studio and java with you.