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When it comes to covid, we all have our own ideas. Our own realities. We like to say that we all have a shared reality about it, but the truth is we don't.

From the very beginning of all of this I have been trying to take in as much information as possible. I took in the straight doom and gloom stuff, and I took in the "throw some dirt in it you're fine" stuff.

One consistent thing that I found was that everyone that had an opinion about the information because they "knew someone in the health care field".

There seems to be a couple common themes. Trusting our "man on the inside", trust the news and government, don't trust anyone.

I would have to sat that I am in that last group. I refuse to trust someone with my health, or life in general, and especially if they try to influence my family.

No worries though. Through all of my research I "have a guy". Actually, She is a doctor. Not just a doctor, but her doctorate is literally in how things that are injected into your body effects you.

We have had great conversations about the information that the public is receiving, and spent hours tearing it apart and looking for the truth, or atleast some sort of facts.

There is something to know about all of this. The information that you need to read that may be counter to the public warnings....well, it is really hard to find. It takes alot of digging. Most information is used to support the narrative. What we have seen has widely been data used to support the worst case scenario, which turns out isn't that bad.

Full disclosure, I am not a doctor. I am a man that believes that freedom is real, and I believe that there is evil in the hearts of man that is willing to harm others. With that being said, I would like to share some positive data and information that will actually support the fact that covid is not that badbin the U.S and we may have been just fine without a vaccine at all.

First, I would like to share a chart that my doctor friend made. They used this site to source their metrics.

These charts show a comparison of deaths over the past five years. It shows many different issues (diseases) and how number of fatalities over the years have changed. Some go up while others go down. The chart also focuses on people that are over 55 and over 65. Assuming they are the most at risk.

You can see in the left column there is a list of codes. These codes are used as identifiers for death causes. One code really stands out. U07.1 This code is defined by the CDC as the code used for a covid death. The only real issue here is how they define the patient having covid. It is used when covid is "probable" or "presumed". That means that there does not need to be an actual positive test result for a patients death to be labeled with the code U07.1.

Why would they use that code if it wasn't actually a covid death....simple. Each facility receives between 8 and 10 thousand dollars per covid death.

When you compare the numbers on the charts over the past five years, what you might find is that there isn't that much difference. It doesn't seem that covid has changed fatality metrics all that much at all. I. Some cases there are even less fatalities.

I want to share this with everyone as a way to help combat fear. We are only fed main stream fear and social media nonsense. Some may even call this post social media nonsense. Atleast I am trying!

The other images I would like to share is from the Mayo Clinic and it shows the metrics for covid positive test percentage, total positive cases, and fatality percentage.

This first chart is for the entire United States.

As of 12-18-20 there are over 228 million positive cases with 7.55% positive test rate. That shows that there are more positive cases, and the number of positive cases are going up. There is a third category also....the fatality rate. With the increasing number of cases, the fatality rate has been steadily dropping and is now 1.77%!!!!! That means that while the number of cases increase, the percentage of fatalities is not. So in clear words, there are more cases but less deaths from those cases.

Next I would like to Isolate it down to one state where we have alot of family, Ohio. Governor Mike Dewine has spread all sorts of numbers, but he continues to shut down businesses, lock down peoples activity, and still peddling masks. Ohio's numbers as of 12-18-20 are even better with the fatality rate dropping down to 1.31%!!

This does not down play the fact that people are actually dying. It isn't intended to down play how all of this pandemic has actually negatively impacted lives. It is definitely not to down play the toll this is all taking on the health care workers involved. There is a real staff shortage and I am sure the extra compliance steps are more difficult.

I hope this information is useful to you and your loved ones. It is because of real information like this that I do not support lockdowns. I do not support masks. I do not support separating people from their friends and family.

I support real information, facts, and basing my actions off of data versus others feelings. I hope we can quickly move past all of this and get back to doing what we do best....

Be well
~The Yeti

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