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RE: Quality of follow and the information that leverages the network

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...that would mean I would miss far more than I would gain, and anything gained would be far too random to be of daily use. But, this could be generational.

It isn't generational at all. At the end of the noughties, when RSS was still a main content distributor, there have been multiple studies around the topic "how many (daily) authors can one follow without missing out" and the average numbers were between 150-180 (feeds). Of course that tended to also include a certain degree of echo chamber, thus actually even lowering that number when it came to actually reading the published content.


I didn't say only millennials :D

I would say, the internet generation.

"how many (daily) authors can one follow without missing out" and the average numbers were between 150-180 (feeds).

It probably has something to do with tribe size too, with the amount of people who we can develop relationships and trust is quite small.

The Internet, due to be much larger in scale, is much more targeted for those who want a dedicated feed. We are still small and thus there's a massive amount of eclectic content as well because there's fewer to follow so to say.

It's rather interesting that when Jack Dorsey announced he wanted to build Steem see a future decentralized Twitter in which Twitter is merely an app, he said it would allow them to then focus on being the best content filter/aggregator/bubble for its users.

Yes. I listened to a podcast with him some time ago with Sam Harris and he mentioned very familiar ideas. The public discourse is changing toward it of course.

There's also a legal element to it as Twitter, the app, wouldn't be a content custodian anymore and thus wouldn't have to moderate/delete. At least that's the current (legal) theory about custody.

Will be interesting to see what his Bluesky project will do, deliver. Of the tech bro founders he's one of those who are (historically) closest to the cryptosphere.


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