This software boosted my computer's speed up to 10x

in OCDlast year (edited)


O&O CleverCache 7 Professional Edition

A blessing! A miracle! This is what a speed enhancer like this felt like me. I am well acquainted with performance boosting programs meant to lower your in game FPS or allow you to alt-tab between multiple Office production apps with ease despite how system heavy they are. As usual, O&O blows everything out of the water.

Games with bad optimization that took almost 5 minutes to load the next map now take less than 20 seconds! Not to mention I can alt tab without losing performance as I use one of the 8 active tabs within my web browser without any delay. I've also tested it on my friend's laptop which is much slower, and she now can't live without it.

Getting it running could not be simpler - just download, install and run it. You do not have to fiddle with any settings whatsoever. It does everything for you. Leaving it in the "Automatic" profile works best. Just leave it running. Once you try it, you cannot go back.

Too bad only the first month is free. But it's so good, I would never question purchasing it. I am halfway through my trial, which made me understand buying this is inevitable. I would think twice if it were a subscription, but paying $30 for it is just a one-time thing. Valid for life. You will also really appreciate it. Get it from: