O&O FileDirect - Privately transfer files without uploading them to cloud services

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O&O FileDirect is the perfect solution to those who are tired of having to deal with size limit restrictions through upload websites, emails or message apps.

O&O FileDirect

This software allows you to transfer data privately and securely from one computer to another. So set it up, you only have to download and install it. Registering an account is not required. When you run it, a very simple window will ask you to drag the files onto it. I've dragged in a random picture file named "brinde.webp" for demonstration purposes.



Your download link has been already set up. Copy and send it to whoever you want. When it's accessed by anyone, the other person will look at a web page on their browser like this one (except not in dark mode):


Clicking download starts the transfer immediately. Job done! But how does the magic happen? This system is set up in such a straighrforward way, it feels like magic. But it's basically like a torrent transfer without allowing others to help host the file. It has just one host: you. Every time someone requests the file, you are uploading it to them.

If your computer is powered off or if it has no online connectivity, the file won't be transferred, because it uses nothing but your computer and your internet. O&O FileDirect acts as a protocol to help bypass technical security like firewalls and NAT issues, but it does not allow access to anything you haven't specifically permitted through the application.

You can even further restrict downloads by enforcing certain optional settings as shown in the images below.



Download O&O FileDirect today. Get rid of middleman upload services when all you want to do is send a few small files. Spread whatever you want online as long as you have the resources necessary (high speed internet). It is free software, no strings attached.



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