A New Member Y’all 😎….. Keep up with Dr. Tee!

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Coming in with the thunder! Or how do people put it again?

Hi! I am Ekundayo Temitayo and I am a Dentist so I’m fondly called Dr.Tee.


3 things get my attention the most,Love, Fragrances and Children.

Why Love?

I need you like a heart needs a beat… I honestly don’t know who said that but really? Cliché?😂
Not to go on and on about how sweet and motivating love can be.
I’m a natural lover, there’s no debate about it😂. To me, love is life! Self love, Erotic love ☺️, having amazing friends …. It all means one thing to me, Life🥰. A beautiful life stems from love.



I just really love when people smell nice 😂. You know when you pass someone and they leave behind a sweet and captivating scent? That’s the one!
I’m a bit biased with this? I prefer the male fragrances but that’s beginning to change by the way 😍. Beacuse I am a fragrance enthusiast, I sell them! Yes😚!!! You can find my brand on TikTok and instagram @906Scents.



You can’t help but love children

Children are everything for me. From their innocence to their smiles and words? I’m just hooked 😍.


Wanna keep up with Dr.Tee? Daily sneak peek into my life as a Nigerian Dentist? Let’s go😎☺️.


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Welcome to Hive. Take a look at this guide:
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Welcome to Hive. There's lots to learn on here, so spend some time finding out a bit about how all of this works as some of it is a bit confusing, especially Hive Power, which you use every time you interact on Hive and are likely to run out of quickly.

Hahah... Why would you come in with the thunder? Are you sure we are safe in your hands? Haha

Welcome to Hive Blockchain.

You have an interesting personality and you would have real fun writing and interacting with the community at large. Keep your vibe alive and have fun in this delectable blockchain.

Also, have some !PIZZA



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Hi beautiful , nice to have you here, I really appreciate your presence of this new hive world. Actually Im a new too, so perhaps we can support eachother constantly and also if you need some help I always open for a hand 24/7 so please don't hesitate to hit me. You can follow me for inspiration in case you need it, or simply chat me if you have something to ask..

thankyou , it seems you a sweet nice lady😀

Thank you so much.
I appreciate your kind gesture.