The Power Of Silence & Peace

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This article contains personal understandings. Everything I talk about is coming from my own experience. You may disagree with me on many points:

I've been living alone for years. During that time, my creativity, productivity, and ingenuity were peaking. Reaching meditational states of mind was no problem for me, and the results were obvious. In fact, they were otherworldly. The difference between those ideas, and present ones is so vast, that I sometimes ask myself If I became a different person or my mental capabilities have so drastically deteriorated. I won't lie. Lately, I feel dumb, 'cause I've changed from a person that was capable of designing the entire aircraft in the mind, to the person that is barely capable of designing an aircraft with all tools, and programs an engineer could wish for.

Wondering what happened pushed me down the "rabbit hole". I decided to find out what made such an immense difference. The answer came to me in the form of two words while I've been meditating. The mind told me to stop listening.

Listening to whom? Well, all the people that surround me, to begin with. You see, God gifted people with the ability to speak, but some humans are afraid of the silence. Whenever they see you, they must say something. Anything! No matter how dumb the thing they talk about might be. That's exactly what happened to me.

My family asked me for help, so I let them into my house, and that's the moment I signed a contract that guaranteed the destruction of my higher self. Why?

"Birds of a feather flock together", you see.., there are no "accidents" in this world. Everything stems from our own consciousness. No matter how creative, and intelligent you are, if you surround yourself with "less", you'll become less. If you surround yourself with "more" or "better", those people will pull out the best from you.

Their energy (a.k.a. frequency their minds operate at) affects you. You can't stop that from happening. It's like mixing hot and cold water and trying to keep them separated.

The thing is engineers need silence and peace. The human mind needs approximately 7 to 15 minutes to synchronize with the vibration of the thing it wants to create.

It was easy for me to design aircraft during my "lonely years", 'cause there was no one and nothing to disturb me. Now, I have many people around me, and their pets. One of those pets is 18 years old dog. He can't walk anymore and is moaning all the time 'cause most likely his legs hurt like hell. I feel sorry for him, but one has to wonder, how many people are potentially going to feel the consequences of "you" not being your very best if they depend on you? It is worth it?

Surely, if you're a peasant who has nothing to take care of except crops a few days annually, you can tolerate such stuff, but if you're the head of the organization that represents the nation, and there are hundreds of thousands of employees underneath you, hoping for you to make miraculous decisions that would improve their lives, then you must be responsible, must act, think and create the best you can all the time.

The Solution I Implemented

Believe it or not, I did not move away, nor I asked them to move away. There is only one thing I stopped doing, and ever since, It felt as the "line" has been cut. The exchange of energy has stopped. I quit talking. Literally!

Try it out. Don't wish a good morning, good evening, don't ask, don't reply. Whatever someone tells you, keep your mouth shut. Yes, it may seem arrogant, but you have the God-given right to be prosperous and carry out duties you were born for!

Losers will never understand that nor will ever have the chance to understand that, 'cause their CONSCIOUSNESS is keeping them down on the level they can afford themselves to be irresponsible.

So many people brag about everyone and everything, from the news to neighbors. Who gives a damn (excuse me saints) who did what to whom, why, where, what for? It ain't our business to care about that!

So, the first step is: shut your mouth!

After a while, no matter how intellectually crippled people that surround you may be, they will begin to realize you need peace, so they will give you more peace, and space.

The second step is: either move away or move them away!

Do not allow the emotional side of you to make decisions. Pure analytical and tactical thinking is the one that has to make a decision, otherwise, you'll end up screwed. Implement the second step if the first doesn't cause a positive change.

This was taken from personal experiences. If you disagree, that's fine. If you have better solutions, that's even better. Feel free to share your thoughts (and solutions if you have some). The only type of comments I will ignore are comments that suggest we shall respect everyone, be crying shoulders for everyone, and react to every bone this world throws at us. In my personal opinion, you can't love others if you first don't love yourself. To love yourself, you must fulfill your sincere (true) desires. My desire is very simple: live at peace (and in silence).



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