How to Produce an Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream

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Hi hiveans, hope you're doing great. I actually came up with something today but it's quite unfortunate my camera isn't clear to do the practical so I'm going oral.

How To Make Anti-dandruff hair cream

Chemicals required: These include;

  • petroleum jelly
  • mineral oil
  • oil color
  • shea butter(not compulsory)
  • perfume
  • camphor
  • sulphur
  • menthol
  • methl salicylate .
  • candle wax .
    Before i go down to the method i will briefly explain the function of each chemicals which is as follows;
    1) petroleum jelly: it is a lubricant and helps to soften the hair.
    2)mineral oil: it's also a lubricant.
    3)oil color: makes the hair cream look attractive.
    4)Shea butter: makes the hair soft and stops hair breakage.
    5)perfume: it makes the hair cream have a nice fragrance.
    6)camphor: its an anti-dandruff agent.
    7)sulphur/menthol: also and anti-dandruff agent.
    8)methyl salicylate: helps for easy penetration of the chemical nutrients.
    9)candle wax: it is a hardner.

(Below are images taken with my mobile android phone, infinix hot6).


Candle wax




Petroleum Jelly


  • Light up your gas to normal range, then take a pot and add your petroleum jelly, candle wax , mineral oil, camphor and shea butter, then put the pot on the gas or stove
    to melt/dissolve the chemicals.

  • Also, when you observe everything has melted, drop the pot from the gas and add the sulphur, methyl-salicylate, oil color and the raw perfume then stir .

  • Finally, turn the content into a hair cream container and leave to solidify.


There are two types of color namely;

  • water color
  • oil color

We use oil color because most of the chemicals used for hair cream production are oil-based.

I hope you pick one or more point from this post. Don't hesitate to send your comment and support. Thank you for your time and do have a wonderful moment


Is good to hear this interesting topic from u, but this are just the normal ingredients of hair cream, if I may know which one is making it anti-dandruff,i mean what really different from others

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These are not just the normal chemicals for hair cream,what makes it anti- dandruff is the presence of camphor, sulphur,menthol and methyl-salicylate as i explained the functions of each briefly @abbey877 .