Reality or unreality, technological advances - My Introduction to the Hive Community

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I would like to give my opinion on technological advances and how they have affected society in a positive way, this will be a small introduction about the kind of person I am, the things that I like to comment, discover and know.
First of all I would like to thank @traciyork & @lovesniper and @OCD for helping me and encouraging me to make myself known in this new world with this beautiful community and continue participating and supporting this initiative.
To talk about technology in itself is complex in matter but also in development and exposure causing it to be very difficult to understand but for more difficulty the other topics that abound are of the same complex and ambiguous nature, they create a composition that is all a chaos for the viewer and more for the average viewer or not so familiar with certain terminology and more in this era of lack of attention and details.
It is difficult for me to know where to start because of the complexity and abundance that comes with talking about this topic, but I am going to focus first on the effects that the introduction of new technological advances in people's lives has generated.
The first thing that amazes me is how the world is so interconnected, how certain behaviors are beginning to normalize within society and how is the reaction of people during this process, let's think for a moment or go back to the time where communication or the means to interact were so rural and primitive to what it is today, it leads us to imagine that in a few years, this same system that we present now could be considered archaic, simply fascinating.
In social issues we can see, for example, how people bring this technology into their daily lives and how it leads to mixing, creating a discussion about the extent to which the bond you have with someone you only know online is real, exposing everyone world what happens around the world is globalization and how this exposure becomes desensivilization, how people no longer feel affected by the catastrophes that occur around them due to the amount of information and news they can see on the network of a magnitude equal to or greater than the experiences, as little by little they are losing sensitivity or their own emotions towards unfortunate events because apparently the more connected people are, the less they are, in turn as little by little they are unifying more physical existence with the virtual one.
Now we can ask ourselves what reality really is? It can be a journey of reflection.


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