INSTA-on-a-CHAIN: How I got Hooked to the act of Engagement through APPICS

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You like to share a photo or short video? You like to this with a service that stores the content and transactions on a blockchain? You are accustomed to Instagram?

The New Kid on the Block: APPICS!

It was about three weeks ago I got this APPICS app downloaded and installed on my smartphone. It took me at least a day before I created my first post; I was lazy I guess since creating a first post is not difficult at all. Then it took me another two weeks to create a new Steem account [@edje42]. After my initial post with my STEEM master account, I concluded I didn't want my APPICS content mixed with my blogging content. Same chain, but two totally different services with totally different type of content; Micro versus Long form blogging; Doesn't go well together in my honest opinion! The readers dont want the mix, I think. At least it's with me the same. When I want quick content, I go to Instagram, Twitter, APPICS. When I want elaborative content, I go to blogging networks. Separate where needed is my motto.

Building from Scratch

Call me idealistic! Call me stupid! Why would I not benefit from all my auto voters and followers on my STEEM master account? A STEEM blog takes me at least 2 hours to create and publish (sometimes more like 4 hours), while an APPICS micro blog is done in much less time, say 10 minutes? Now I need to build my new account from scratch. Yeah, I choose to do so, and yeah I know its really hard to build an account from nothing to something. I won't get anybody coming to my APPICS posts since my vote power is nothing. I have to do it the hard way: Engage, Engage and Engage and hopefully this results in some of the APPICS users to put me on their follow lists and start to receive votes from them, from time to time.

the photo I used for my most recent post at APPICS [APPICS post]

Now 13 posts down to road and about 350 comments further I'm in regular contact with some cool people with whom I have nice and interesting conversations. Yes! We are getting into real conversations! Isn't that a novelty? Hahaha

I guess I've a splendid comment to post ratio: 27 to 1

If I'm able to keep up the amount of engagement I'm having last two weeks - of which the most active week was last week due to issues with the Steem chain the week before - I'll be contributing between 10k and 15k comments per year. Not sure how many comments are published to the Steem chain per day, but I think its something like a few thousands upwards to maybe 5k? That'll make me one of the top engagers on the Steem chain! I may also be part of the top engagers on APPICS!

But whatever, it's not a numbers game for me. I simply like to be able to interact with interesting people and see what their lives are about through their posts. I always liked Instagram; Didn't use it too much though. When Steepshot arrived at the Steem chain years ago, I jumped on it. This service was very similar to APPICS and Instagram. But the user experience was not that good hence I stopped using that service really quickly again.

APPICS: The Reference App in the Crypto Industry

Whether or not you like APPICS or APPICS-like micro blogging services, it for sure did set a reference for any type of social app on a blockchain! The user experience is TOP NOTCH. Its still not too fast, but they are working on it. I never seen an App around our own chains (STEEM and HIVE) nor anywhere else in crypto space to which such attention is given to the design - the look and feel - and the usability. Great Great and again Great work by the APPICS team.

Touring through APPICS

To give you a flavour of APPICS, you'll find several screenshots with content I've created using the APPICS App. To start with, my first post on APPICS with my new micro blogging account @edje42 (sorry, a link to Steem chain, no links can be provided to APPICS directly, it's a mobile App only, no webApp and doesn't have a browser based user interface).

[APPICS post]

Obviously this post got some attention, because it was the first one and I used the intro tag. Not too many voters, but at least some higher value voters. Several APPICS sponsored Ambassadors did say hello to me with their vote and some with a nice comment.

To show you the Insta look-and-feel, check this screenshot below... Why not using the lessons learned by other very successful services? The APPICS team understand what to take from others, and what to change. Click on any of the images, and the post opens; Same Same to Insta again. Click on the comment link, and you'll and up in the comment section. Very intuitive; Very clean; Very simple.

APPICS allows you to post without any added text; But it also allows you to write a lot of text; Even long form rather than short form. Long form is not too useful for this service in my opinion. I tend to go with micro blog form (like my intro post) to longer forms of short form... if you now what I mean... Ah well, you can check the image below; Thats the amounts I write. But we don't have to! I simply like to add some additionals for those who are interested about the photo itself.

[APPICS post]

The screenshot of the post below, I just added to this article because I really like the photo! However, with just 5 votes, it was not picked up by the APPICS community. Or I was just unlucky the post ended up somewhere in or near a black hole :)

[APPICS post]

This guy - my buddy - seems to be an object of liking though! Same guy as in my opening post; The second post with him being the subject; And both times approaching maximum number of votes I got so far on an APPICS post. So. I could decide to make him my main topic for future posts, but likely I won't. I simply don't like to stick to the same topic every time. I don't want to see that from others as well. Why would I milk not having fun instead of having fun and share what I like to share the moment I share what I share? :)

[APPICS post]

Owww, APPICS doesn't support clickable links, makes linking in content from other sources - like music on 3Speak, DTube, YouTube, Soundcloud and all - difficult. Well, sure, the web address is easily put into the post but the reader needs to type the URL into the web browser. Like with Instagram, also at APPICS one cannot copy the text. Thats a downer I must say.

A recent drawing I created copying one of my most favourite artists, I needed to share with APPICS community as well - before I already shared it with the HIVE and STEEM community through a regular blog post. The post that needed by far the most work, didn't got real traction on none of the social networks mentioned. So funny to see how these communities work! Nothing to do with time spend.

A friend who is investor and business man once said to me: "It's is not the amount of work you put into the business; But its about how smart you are handling the business!" He tried to convince me that an investor and also a C-level position should give loads of free time to do whatever one wants, since in a good investment and a good running company, all the governance and work shall be outsourced to others in the company. Not sure if I 100% agree with him, but I like his views at things which from time to time is totally different to my own views. That said: He invests millions to 10s of millions earning a more than decent amount, and I'm more or less stuck as an employee. Who is right then? :)

[APPICS post]

In case you like to try APPICS, let me know and I'll help you to get started. It not too difficult, but one needs to download something more than just the App. There are also people who help you in the official APPICS Telegram group:

Little Poll

Uncommon for a poll, I have three open questions for you...

  • What is your view about an Instagram style service on a blockchain?
  • Would you like to see APPICS continuing using the Steem chain (and in the future also the HIVE chain) to post APPICS content to?
  • Would you like to see APPICS on its own blockchain?


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a change by the APPICS team since last 24 hours: all posts are now ending up in the APPICS community rather than outside communities. Small change, but a great step forward to app based communities!