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Hello Friends, Honestly i am happy to be among this wonderful and inspiring community in HiVE platform.
My name is Effiong, Edidiong Emmanuel, am 23 years old and am from Utit uruan in Uruan Local Government Area in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.



I'm a student of the University of Uyo in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. My course of study is Building Technology.


Inside Campus



I really love working-out( especially during the weekends ), Traveling, Cooking( especially what i love eating ), and i also draw and make some craft work( with carton ) when i have nothing doing.
My favorite food is fried or boiled potatoes with any kind of sauce, and i like watching movies especially series and i also like listening to naija songs especially when i'm working-out.
I don't like bitter leaf soup and i also hate lies.

My drawing(Dwayne johnson)



Actually i was just on my own when my friend walk up to me and said " Guy i for like make you sign up on Hive" i was really confuse cause i didn't know what he was talking about, the first thing that came into my mind was the Bee-hive lols.
Then he sat me down and explain everything to me from the beginning to the end.
I really thank God for everything, and i also thank my friend @dave-estates (though i call him Snr man) for introducing me to this awesome Hive platform.

My Friend who introduce me to #Hive


I am really happy for the opportunity, though i don't really know everything here in hive, but am ready and willing to learn and contribute to this platform.



I can't regret being a part of this great Hive platform.
Thank you all for reading my first post in Hive, God Bless....❤️


Pictures info;
Camera: Redmi 10 and iphone 8 pro
Edited with Snapseed

CC: @acidyo @travelgirl


Welcome edidiongeffiong!
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Alright... i will try it out

You're welcome to this platform.
I'm sure you'll have a swell time here.

Thank you so much @emmaba1

You're welcome

Hey @edidiongeffiong! This is @indayclara from the @ocd team. Congratulations and welcome to Hive!

You can share your love for cooking and sketching in our amazing Communities! You can also check out the Communities Incubation Program. However, please refrain from tagging people when there is no connection. This will simply annoy them. By creating quality content, you will attract support from the people here on Hive and not by tagging people you don't actually know.

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If you have questions, you can hop into Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.

Thank you for commenting @lovesniper... i really appreciate your advice

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Welcome to hive bro. Best of luck here

Thank you so much @patakwashj

Welcome edidiongeffiong! If you love travel check out @travelfeed / :)


Hey Little brother, welcome to the hive, you're never too late, you chose one of the best disciplines in your academic pursuit. I hope that through your skill, our dear state will experience more development than it is right now. Wish you all the best here