The true meaning of Tech

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"Technology" (Tech) is not an uncommon word in the world of today.

The wonders of technology surrounds us.

It's everything in between you and the person sitting in front of you.

It's in our homes, at work, at the movies... It's what you wear, it's what you see and listen through.

Most people will commonly refer to coding, computer software and hardware, AI, and related subjects as the main tenets in technology.

While that holds true to some extent, technology is actually is a very broad term that goes beyond just "the nerd that sits in front of a computer screen all day" or "the guy that bores us on YouTube with smartphone reviews". It goes beyond the confines of computers and machines, though largely built on the function of computers.

Technology is an intellectual and social construct. In fact the dictionary calls it 'The organization of knowledge for practical purposes'.

The likely reason why Technology is attached to computers and machines is because in the world of today, computers and related subjects form a big chunk of that knowledge that helps us to do practical things.

Just like a machine helps us to do work, Technology helps us to utilize various resources to achieve practical results in our everyday lives. It permeates all aspects of our lives. Everybody actively engages in technology one way or the other, either as a consumer or a developer.

But you would be making a BIG mistake to assume or even think that technology is just about the computers.

When you think about technology as computer knowledge, you really restrict yourself and deprive yourself of participating in the world of Technology. The computer gurus are as important as the social media manager, the concept curators, the PR, the financial expert, the doctor, the lawyer, the psychologist, the linguist, the musician.

Everyone is involved in making it fit in


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