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RE: Don't blame me, AI did it - GauGAN to Gigapixel

in OCD2 years ago (edited)

Wow os @insaneworks when you make things you do MAKE them omg!
I’m impressed on your amazing post, you really digged on the app and the others at a point totally unknown to me, so many thanks for sharing all that knowledge with us!
Your entry is beautiful and incredible!
Did you know that once your drawing is done it may change depending on the image selected on the image strip?
You should link your post on a comment on @steemean related post :
Best wishes for the contest, you put the level too high, Inwill try and beat you tomorrow 😂
Have a great weekend
Hugs’n love over to you ❤️


Better do things properly or not do them at all.

I clicked on the other options too but this was something that satisfied my eye and brain most. Can't wait to see your artwork tomorrow. You better be extra awesome then. ;)

Thanks for reminding me. I'll link this post there right now.