Why is the White House white? What is coming from that angle on BBC and CNN?

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You know, the books in the White House are some variants of all conceivable about history, strategy, marketing, philosophy, and understanding of how the government should act in any situation that arise in the country. And the president and the vice-president of the USA are doing the acts that are necessary to win trust and authority, and that is important today, since none people at the lowest level think that they are bad in relation to competence and people with high education. But we are reaching the top in the society by education and research background, and no talking could challenge that basic insight.

The White House is white of mainly two reasons. The first is that this house is better prepared against tough and hard weather when it is arising in the nature. And hence, the white color is protecting the house from being damaged by bad weather. And there is much research on that, and that the white color is sensible, and that we should not choose any other color of all the colors that are conceivable on the planet. And the second reason is that the white color marks cleaning up different issues and problems, and that there should be no voices, and none opposition about what is happening, because an alternative world and alternative views could be much worser than the government that we have today, and there is much competence many places, but using the competence right and doing the choices with reflection and with intelligence, that is a bad issue. And we cannot watch TV when we are working, and we cannot listen too much to the radio, because we need attention and to we need to be aware that we are awake, and we should avoid the bad guys in the societies, and doing the relations with the best and strongest guy, and nothing in the firms should be led to bankruptcy, but there should be nice numbers in the accounting systems from time to time. And being in the White House also implies to take care of the budget to the nation in question, and every budget should be realistic and adapted to the things going on in the society where we are, and we should be aware about what choices to do.

So, being the president in the United States! Who can do that? We should master English as the main language in fluently ways. And we should have enough competence and education about making the structure of reality, and we should work in teams, but at the same time, it is the president that holds all the power in the nation, and US is also a leading country in the world, and that means that the president has all power, and he or she can determine which other countries one is wishing to cooperate with, and which nations that are in opposition to the United States, and which we therefore need to compete against. And every fight in the life should be structured and organized in good manners, and we should meet them with our competence and long education, and we should deny any interruptions of any kinds, and we should ask about the competence if someone is trying to challenge us, since this is not the way to operate sensible in life, and with talking and with noises one is operating in silly ways, but maybe there are just garbage in the heads of these people talking shit and trying to destroy things, relations and how things work. The best thing is that these people talking was dedicated to jobs, and that they were required to do sensible things, if they should live where they are living. Any talking from any angle can just be ignored, and we should use the competence in our heads to talk away all the kinds of interruptions that are coming, and we have had enough control now, and we should not be bothered by any organization, and otherwise we should review the situations to the police, since no people have the human rights to interrupt and bother you during the day and the night, and people living with such reputation, should be confronted with this, and they should be given a new chance, and if they continue the speaking about nothing and the speaking in the air, they should not live any longer where they are living. And this must be done seriously, since no person is a friend if we do not agree in the choices that are taken. We cannot do things with statements, but there should be study programs behind our behavior regardless of what we are doing with our bodies. Fitness, cleaning and fucking are the ways the body is operating today, but some people are not engaged with that, and some think that these choices are wrong, so we should do what we like in life, and being responsible for our own lives. And some people believe that the Red Light District is funny and exciting, and for doing fucking with a lady or with a man. We determine our own destiny, and the life is open for all the options that we can find. And I myself think that love is the most compelling and exciting and giving activity of all activities on the planet in our globalized society. And globalization is something that we have in the schools, and countries can determine which country they will choose to work together with.

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