What is that new year? How are we celebrating the day, and what means a new year?

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We say happy new year when it is 31.12 every year, and we wish all the best, and that the world and our city, our towns or our districts should have the best conditions, and that the days should be in comfort and in convenience. But we are now going from 2021 to 2022, and what does that mean?

We should love the freedom at and from NHH in Bergen, and we should do the choices that we want, and writing a little ph.d. or a large ph.d., that is up to you and me. And it is the creativity and the analysis that stress and emphasize what we are doing and what we are meaning. And do you really know the persons that you are knowing? We are BEST in the world, and we should do work and progress in relation to our human resources, and we should do what we can imagine due to our imaginations.

And all the authors are coming to us, and we love being together with all the people that are writing, and we find books in all countries, and we can learn about ourselves, other people that we know and do not know, and there are plenty of things to dwell with when coming to the earth and the universe! I have a poem for the current year 2021, and we are soon in 2022, and that marks how many years it is since Jesus Christ was born, and therefore the time is in accordance with what we learn in Christianity. Here comes my poem to the pleasure of all the years we have in our minds of the reality, and the literature is good and excellent, and we should love who we are.

What humans are when appreciating the people we are meeting!
You are yourself, and I am myself, and we are strong and in accordance with normal frames! Should we just love the people from any country when calling and contacting our names?
Yeah, we are here to find our own identity, and to think of all the people we know!
And sometimes, we find the nature filled with snow!
What is it really to believe in something one considers as important in life?
We should meet each other, and just with sensibly moves use the knife!

What is really Harvard, Stanford, MIT and Yale? Well, we must shape our reality, and being the best! And we should always have home work in life, and life should be a developing game through the whole life cycle. And there should be many speeches at the end of the year, and in the development of the new year. And we have pleasure with enjoying the kings, the queens, the prime ministers, and the presidents and the vice-presidents.

In the present day, with most countries now using the Gregorian calendar as their civil calendar, 1 January according to that calendar is among the most celebrated public holidays in the world, often observed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts in each time zone. Other global New Year's Day traditions include making New Year's resolutions and calling one's friends and family. We have different calendars in the world with the counting of time, and in Scandinavia and in other countries, we are celebrating the new year in relation to how many years there was since Jesus Christ was born. But there are differences in the celebrating and there are different marking of times around the globe.

We are often celebrating the new year with our family and often we are doing it with our friends. And we are also meeting more people that we can know, and the more people we know, the larger is the network, and the larger we can use the markets just as they are from country to country. We should love domestic and foreign people just as they are, and in relation to how they are from the human nature in the nature. And David Hume was from Scotland, and he is maybe the greatest philosopher through all times in the world. We often celebrate the year with good wine, good liquor and beer, and we are often eating dishes together with our people and we appreciate the time and what we have eaten. And we also are talking about different things, and sometimes we are celebrating the day with speaking of the same issues.

And we have new year's resolutions, and this is often things that we want for the new year, for instance a new job, meeting and knowing more people, being better and more careful with the nutrition, and training even more with trips, running, cycling, swimming and more other activities.

Have a good new year! And thank you for the year we had! Together we are strong, and we should love the people we are meeting, and we can meet them in one way of all the conceivable ways that we can imagine!

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