What is really industrial organization? Explaining what professor Jean Tirole really is!

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You know, you and I can attend any business school in the world with lectures and with research. And The Theory of Industrial Organization, IO, is about understanding firms as they are from nature, and which patterns they are using in using strategies in different countries.

What is really international economics? You have the same organizations at home and abroad, but we are expanding the boundaries of the markets, and we need different currencies when being in different countries to pay for the import, and the export can be paid in Norwegian kroner (NOK) in the banks and in the accounts in Norway. And we also need languages and adaptations in the calls and in the communication we have in different markets in the world. And with international economics, we are getting international courses in the organizations as international finance, interntational marketing and international trade. And we also need history and psychology to understand what is going on and how and why. As firms, we are exporting goods that we are strong within in the country where we come from, and we are importing goods that we need, and in areas we are weak. Hence, the main point in international economics, is that we are living due to the imports, and the exports are just making us able to pay for the imports! If we should make a slogan of this, it is the imports that are making us being a rich firm and rich country with goods and articles.

We are not to fear anything and anyone, but we are to believe in ourselves as self-confidence is more important than ever! Internationalization just means moving the boundaries of the company, and to be in different countries with known and unknown boundaries of the markets, although we know human nature, and know all the answers that are coming from time to time in the space where we are. Time and space cannot be separated at the earth, but they should be assessed simultaneously, and we are just humans operating around the globe.

Jean Tirole is a strong and an admired French professor in several areas as for instance industrial organization, game theory, banking and finance and economics and psychology. And Tirole is clever and has many knowledges, and he is using his talents and his time at MIT in Boston. And understanding clinical psychology is something we need to know, to understand all kinds of human beings, and every personality. Psychology is about thinking, feeling and acting in the ways that we are, and many people do not understanding all the kinds of moods and meditations. Thinking is about how we are, and how and why we are using the brains as we can. And psychology, sociology and philosophy are courses we are using to understand the humans we are surrounding, and we can use these courses to understand ourselves, and all other people with their brains being operating around. We must use the courses in the colleges, the business schools and in the universities just as the courses are, and we cannot deny these things, and using people at lower levels than the highest.

We cannot connect people to the wrong environments, and just go along with daily things without using the courses and the research backgrounds that we have used different places, and that we have learned in the doctoral studies in Norway. Some talk away from the truth and go other ways, but we cannot accept different humans if the brain activity is wrong. And therefore, we need economics and psychology to understand the reactions many places when there are organizations!

Tirole was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2014 for his analysis of market power and the regulation of natural monopolies. And what we know should be defended among humans rather than be chatting away to nothing!

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