What is the meaning by the statement: «Only the lost is eternally owned»?

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The statement given above comes from Henrik Ibsens «Brand» from 1866. We can wonder about many things that Ibsen has been written, and dwell with it. What was really the philosophy behind the statement?

We can lose or win in life. If we win, we will get pleasure and happiness. And if we are losing, we are getting sad. So, the philosophy of the life, is a winning game from the beginning to the end. But many people experience life with both things to lose, and things to win. And some are just losing. So, we find the variations in life, that are in accordance with thinkable suggestions about how life is. But what is meant by the statement: «Only the lost is eternally owned»? If we think that we cannot do all things, we lose these things, but if I had been present with my personality, I could have won the situation, and made the environment even richer and better. If can also be the situation for lost love. If we have not done all the things in love that we want, we should just think about what we did not do, and why these lost situations have caused trouble for us in life. And there can also be more interpretations of this famous statement made by Ibsen, since he was thinking in life, and often being in the philosophical corner. If you have achieved lucky situations in life, but you are forgetting much information, you get the information lost, and this will affect your life situation ever since. And if you have been placed wrong in different environments, you have lost, although you should win, and that is eternally owned, and something that shapes you or form you forever. So, taking decisions is a risky game, and we should also know what to do and why.

Henrik Ibsen was a great author. And many of us like his dramas and the statements that the persons are saying, and we are thinking about the meaning. And as with opinions, there can be one, two or more than two interpretations about what we are saying and writing. But life is a short game, and we are free to remember or forget what we like. And every situation in schools is a winning or losing game, and we should always be the BEST of all conceivable in any history. And some of the people writing dissertations are not the best, and therefore you get wrong things in the content, and there are to every time things to comment about what is going on.

Henrik Ibsen did not have too much education and research in his background. But he managed to write, and he was and still is a great playwright and lyricist. Henrik Ibsen was born into the upper class, and he want to the civic school, and his family went bankrupt after a while. And being a modern author today, you should just know about Henrik Ibsen, and what he did in for instance “The Wild Duck”, “A Doll’s House”, “Brand” and several other text pieces and literature that he made. Your talents in writing is not always dependent on all the schools, but it is the quality in yourself and in your relations that is most important. And it is often important to think about many things in life.

Henrik Ibsen was born in 1828 in Skien. He was affected of stroke in 1900. He never reached the Nobel Prize in literature, but he was nominated several times. But he was blamed to be too destructive in his writing, and another thing was that he was too little idealistic. And therefore Ibsen never received the Nobel Prize in literature, but he was suggested as the candidate both in 1902 and in 1903. Bjoernstjerne Bjoernson got the Nobel Prize in literature in 1903. He was the first Norwegian getting this award. And the four great authors in Norwegian literature is still Bjoernson, Ibsen, Kielland and Lie. And the period they were written within, was called for the realism, and accordingly they were writing about the reality in life.

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