We should be merciful with our neighbors: The lady with the lamp was great, and she put an excellent example to our lives!

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You and I can be known or unknown. And we can be crazy and none-crazy. And all of what we do should be evaluated the best places in the world. And we should also attend the best places in the world doing the education and the research!

Professor Shelby Hunt is just telling us much about marketing philosophy, and that everything should be organized to get as many satisfied customers as possible. And we should learn these things in the business schools, and not to be undressed with opinions, because when people and teachers are showing their ignorance, they are just constructed opinions to explain. And this can be true or not true. And people, also in USA, are either crezy or they are normal and not any special individual. The treaties of human nature are learning us about what we can be in life, and we should not be equal, but we have the same value regardless of what we are doing.

Florence Nightingale was a pioneer as a nurse, and she took care of all the injured people on the battlefield. We cannot do other things than the best in schools, also at all the levels, and we should always compete in the whole life, about teaching the courses as good as possible, and giving the necessary variations to understand and operate in many situations, and we should also be the best student, and we should not do the business life in artificial ways, but in real ways and in the ways where we need competence and long education. Not all people are equal, and my background from NHH in Bergen together with SNF is always in my head. We cannot go around with empty heads, but we should use the literature to learn and to think!

Florence Nightingale is an example for all of us, and we find also things and about being mercifully in the Bible and in the literature. You cannot live you life just being alone all times, but everybody should stand with your side at every time everywhere. We cannot be president in the USA without being friendly, and we need a good philosophy and reflection in strategy, marketing and information to do the best things. And professor Johan Arndt by BI and NHH has put an example to what we can be, but we can also better. But Johan Arndt was engaged with being engaged with the perceived risk which always is in markets, and about being aware of the political economy and the economy in the politics at all levels when making and taking decisions.

Florence Nightingale was a British nurse, and a social reformer, and she is considered as the founder of the modern nursing. She is most known for her work in a British Field Hospital during the Crimean War. Florence made the nursing in scientific ways, and in ways where helping people was the central issue. And you must talk and walk, and doing help service at the battlefields and in the hospitals to be known, visible and strong where you are. And we need the literature, and act in further ways according to the fundament in the literature, to organize life for people even better. And the best thing for all people being injured and hurt is to be healthy. Nobody can define the life, but many people are engaged with the same issues, and life is about using the human body, and to meet known and foreigners many places. We should love everyone coming to us! Florence Nightingale was called for “The Lady With The Lamp”, and this was because she used the lamp to finr all the hurtful and the needy on the battlefield! We should develop our personality constantly in life, and everything in the schools is about the personality, and we should be friendly and use our talents and knowledges in the world. And the borders are something you are putting inside your head, but my head is open and filled with many ideas, and many ways to understand life. And research in life is choices, choices and even more choices. You cannot make all things free, but you have to make standpoints about the same and the different things as all other scientists also do!

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Sverre Larsen

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@digi-me, In my opinion Life is Unknown and Clueless Journey, because of life's mysterious nature lives of many is Chaotic and in my opinion this leads to Unpleasant Behaviours too.

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.