The world inventions: The history and the case of the newspapers!

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Newspapers are news on the paper. And we can make many variants of the articles, and some can be bad and some can be good. But building the strong and right brand images for the newspapers force that we can write things in excellent ways. And the people not being clever enough, will be ignored. That is the way we are treated in the media, and we also know that many types of media get the same scripts from their leaders. And news can be done in new or in established ways. And sometimes is also funny in the newspapers, and they should all be exciting, interesting and good to read! A good stomach feeling and thinking are the things we love among the audience and the customers.

The history of the printed newspaper goes back to 17th century Europe when Johann Carolus published the first newspaper called 'Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien' (Account of all distinguished and commemorable news) in Germany in 1605. You can access some of the digitised versions from 1609 here.

Where do we find all these newspapers? We find them in many countries, and in democracies you have all kinds of freedoms when writing and when saying articles and messages. And the better your abilities are for writing and saying, the better responses we are getting in the markets. And the better we can cooperate with each other when it is necessary, the better solutions we get for the newspapers. And this is the situation for all the newspapers in the world, also for The New York Times. And magazines of different kinds should also be compelling and we should appreciate “to eat” and to dwell with the information.

You find many types of articles and messages in the newspapers, and these are sport, news, culture, entertainment, social issues, political issues and political life, economic issues, and we also find general and specific information for many of the ages we find in different societies. And if you know David Hume, and “A Treatise of Human Nature”, you know the variations and what the newspapers are happening about. And we have freedom of everything, as we also know from Free Press at Harvard, and everything that we think, feel and act about everything is something coming in the newspapers. And the employees should do reflected choices about what is published! And nowadays, we need to be clever and being filled with knowledges, and not do too much nonsense when being known as a writer and central person giving and taking messages in communication sciences!

You can go into the internet, and you can find many types of journals and newspapers, and they are focusing on different issues and cases. Internet it the net between us, that is the meaning of the word inter, and you can go into the internet with the right internet address, and you get information about many things, and there are also triggering pictures there, and there are drawings and caricatures about what is going on. And the best persons different places are working in the newspapers, and writing something gives you new friends, and we should be exciting, funny and interesting about what we are doing. And therefore we need to angle things in exciting ways, and what we have ever learned in schools is the luggage we take with us everywhere. And we should always defend where we have ever gone in schools. Research can be made in all details, and every detail can be made in great ways, and we can also think in the opposite direction.

So, we should live in the modern time as we have just now. And we have digital solutions and solutions when selling the paper with information, and that is the reality when being in the relevant environments today! And working with writing issues and information, should give us the motivation to act in the best ways in the universities and the colleges. And in such ways, we are getting many friends from different environments. And we should love each other, and not discriminate any in accordance with Martin Luther King jr. and John F. Kennedy! Being the best writer at any time or to some time is difficult, but we can make the reality pleasant together!

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I still like reading a newspaper. It is the best medium to update about current situations well.

Thanks for comment, and a Norwegian saying "the old way is often the best" :)

Agree.. in the middle of "speed" over digital era, we would miss "slowness" and "depthness" to grasp everything. :)

In few years i believe that news on papers would be an obsolete concept as we are used to consume the news over phones

Yes true, we are heading into a digital world, thanks for your comment. :)