The world inventions: The history and the case of the human rights!

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We should all be protected in national and international laws. And there is much international politics about what is doing and not doing. The human rights are the rights you have to be given dignity among people, and dignity to every human in the socities where we are. And today, in 2021, we have human rights, laws and rules for protecting the humans in Paris, in Strasbourg and in New York. Hence, chatting in local environments does not help working in the public organizations, and we should know the global laws and rights, and what should be done everywhere in relation to national and international laws and rules.

The idea of being in any university is being in the environments and write and say something, and in addition to that you can travel where you want. But we should require that the universities are strong, at least if we are the best person in the schools at every level, and we should all have rights in relation to what person we are in local and global environments. And people being employed in the universities are engaged with family and friends, and some are having much sexuality, and people also have power in different positions.

How did these human rights arise and develop themselves in the different countries? The idea of human rights have been for a long time in India, Greece and eventually Rome. The most important advances since then have included:

1215: The Magna Carta—gave people new rights and made the king subject to the law.
1628: The Petition of Right—set out the rights of the people.
1776: The United States Declaration of Independence—proclaimed the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
1789: The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen—a document of France, stating that all citizens are equal under the law.
1948: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights—the first document listing the 30 rights to which everyone is entitled.

The world history is showing us many faces about how humans have been treated. And today, we should have politics that people are accepting, and we should not have racism and extremism about opinions and views. And everyone that is working is having an office, and sometimes one is saying something with effects or no effects in the media channels.

The United Nations pinpoint the origin of Human Rights to the year 539 BC. When the troops of Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon, Cyrus freed the slaves, declared that all people had the right to choose their own religion, and established racial equality.

Hence, the anxiety of the dizziness of freedom should be solved to make people free, and we should not have unwanted reactions and actions in society. We are free as humans, and every people have the same value, and hence we have equality among all humans. Humans consist of the same things in their bodies, and we also have studies on the human anatomy.

Human rights are norms that aspire to protect all people everywhere from severe political, legal, and social abuses. The philosophy of human rights addresses questions about the existence, content, nature, universality, justification, and legal status of human rights.

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