The world inventions: The history and the case of the cinema!

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We have seen films with pictures and movements, and that will continue in the future. And we can eat popcorn, drink soda, and eat candy. And we are planning and discussing what to see before coming to the cinema, and we get the impressions and the expressions there just as we want. And there are several rooms to watch films, and some are large and some are suitable and some are small. And we can go together with friends to cinema, and we can meet known or unknown people there.

Where does the name cinema come from? It has its origin from 1899, "a movie hall," from French cinéma, shortened from cinématographe "device for projecting a series of photographs in rapid succession so as to produce the illusion of movement," coined 1890s by Lumiere brothers, who invented the technology, from Latinized form of Greek kinemat-, combining form of kinema "movement," from kinein "to move" (from PIE root *keie- "to set in motion") + graphein "to write" Therefore, the word cinema, means to watch different kinds of pictures in motion, and there is often also a text to read. And there are never so good atmosphere that you get in the movie hall, and any film is never so good as you have seen it at the cinema! So, we meet different people there, and any cinema must have revenues that are bigger than the costs. The revenues are the tickets to see the film, and selling different things as soda, popcorn, candy and more. And this also mean that we need employees to be there, and as in all business life, one needs to create and to maintain revenues that are bigger than the costs. Otherwise, one is going bankrupt in the long run. So, every place where there are people, we can find needs and making business about what is going on.

The philosophy of the cinemas different places in the world, is that we are going to watch films. And these films can be of different matters, and they have be about anything, as for instance love, entertainment, excitement, news, the earth, the universe or anything that we find among the people and the environments at the earth. And life consists of a core in the middle of the body, and all the extensions you can make from that essence in life. So, the point of the cinemas is mainly to watch different films with pictures in motion. And we can take with us ourselves and other people, and we can have a bag or a backpack or whatever thing there is allowed to bring and to have with you. And we are always humans with different qualities, intelligence, cognitions, emotions and actions, and we need to love and respect the people that we meet. And one needs a dynamic and changing leader to adapt the content at the cinema as best as possible in relation to what people think, feel and mean about the cinema! We have always the personality with us, and in life one needs to be clear and do exactly what one is told, and we should use all the internal forces in our bodies, to be the relevant human as we perceive ourselves.

Which words are we using to describe the different rooms that we find in any cinema at earth? We should be charming, enjoyable, tender, sensitive, comical, uproarious, hilarious, riveting, charismatic, original, absorbing and intriguing. And we need not be all these things simultaneously, but we can select some way of being a human as just the human nature is in nature at the earth and in the universe.

Where do we find the biggest cinema in the world? Well, we find it in Spain of all conceivable places! The Kinepolis-Madrid Ciudad de la Imagen megaplex in Spain is the largest movie theater in the world, with 25 screens and a seating capacity of 9,200, including one 996-seat auditorium. And here we enjoy and appreciate each other with going to see the film we want.

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It was interesting learning the history of the cinema and how it got it’s name. Thanks for this informative post :)

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