The world inventions: The history and the case of the chainsaw!

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The chainsaw is an important invention. And it has done something important things when cutting trees, and things that should be cut down. And many people like the structure and the surroundings we get when having used the chainsaw!

The first chainsaw was designed by German orthopaedist Bernhard Heine in 1830. He called it the osteotome, from the Greek osteo (bone) and tome or tomi (cut); literally, the bonecutter. This chainsaw, as well as many that followed, were used for medical purposes. Therefore, the chainsaw has been there for a long time, and we are using the chainsaw in the forests and at home and in our recreation areas, like for instance the cottage we have, or the cottage we have rented. And even around hotels, we can make the surroundings even better. So, the questions in reality are what, how, why, when and where, and we should use the chainsaw to do thinkable and better solutions than ever before.

We must encourage each other even if we can criticize everything possible. And we should meet each other, otherwise we have met before. And the function of any society is to build it with more pleasure and better solutions than we have had ever in history. And being around in central locations and in villages means that we should use brain thinking and management courses for the universities and the colleges. And we should appreciate the employees ever place, and maybe we have better ways to organize the working life, and perhaps we can do reality to a better place than some have thought about. The chainsaw is making pleasure and utility where we are.

Life is about having relations, also in love, and we are structuring the reality in relation to whom we are, and with regards to whatever we have learned, and we can also think about new things and things we have not learned much about. And learning is knowing nothing, something or everything! Creativity and analysis and understanding and thinking should be used many places independently of how we are, and all people have the brain and the heart, and therefore we find variants of cognitions, emotions and actions everywhere, and that is also the history since we are human beings everyone of us. But although it is important to dwell with similarity, we cannot do all things in equal ways, and therefore we should think different different places, and the courses in the universities and the colleges should be containing known and unknown matters. We cannot think of everything, and therefore we need to use our brains when being the place we are in question.

Many of the chainsaws are using petrol and engine oil to function in the ways that they can. The chainsaw also runs on power, and this means that you can use the solution you like and which you have the sense of!

It is important to like to be outside, and also in the forests when using the chainsaw, and with using the chainsaw to all the functions that you can! And NHH and SNF in Bergen, is an excellent background for many positions, and we should know things, and we should have done the study programs and research different places, and we are therefore marked for life!

We must wear protective clothing when using the chainsaw, and we must also use safety goggles, visor, helmet, non-slip boots and gloves. Accordingly, we should protect our body when using the chainsaw, and we should be careful about taking care of ourselves, and we need protection because there are uncertainty and risks when using the chainsaw. We should be the same person after using the chainsaw when before using the chainsaw, and perhaps we are luckier after using it.

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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