The world inventions: The history and the case of the alphabet!

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The alphabet is coming from Ugarit, and it is probably 3 500 years old. It was great! We can read when putting these letters together to words and sentences. Hence, communication and the ways to understand each other were open, and we have alphabet in different languages.

An alphabet is the symbols and the characters that reproduce the sounds we are hearing in different languages. And this can be many years of studies at the universities to learn a language, and we are forced to choose some in life, because there are between 6 000 and 7 500 number of languages at earth. There are problems to explain the distinction between languages and dialects, and therefore there are many variants of what we can listen of languages at earth. Research claims that the number of languages in the world is 7 105. There is a database on it.

The name «Alphabet» is coming from the Greek words alpha and beta, and they are the first letters in the Greek alphabet. An alphabet is a fixed order of letters and characters that define what we are reading and listening when putting letters and charcters together. What we are saying and writing are in accordance with our vocabulary, and what we mean when giving messages to each other. We can use our identity and our personality when sending and receiving messages.

And the alphabet is not theories that researchers agree on. There are several theories, and everyone of us can be a researcher when just having reflections on different issues and different problems, and having opinions about what has happened, and what is still happening at all places to every time ever since. The main thing is to be intelligent and to understand everything. And research is much about the philosophfy and the development of every species in every area! So science and literature are explaining things, and we cannot believe traditional thougths if there are no foundation for it. Bertrand Russell explained that there is no evidence for having a God! Philosophy helps us to structure the thoughts and getting the origin of everything. Therefore, all what we believe is in accordance with our belief systems, and you and I should be responsible for what we are believing and which consequences these thoughts have.

There are many languages in the world, and we have tribal languages and dialects. What we know should always be challenged, and what you have ever learned at schools is truth, or the knowledges could be changed and challenged. We should always do in accordance with how and why the reality has ever been a reality ever since.

The things showing that the alphabet is coming from Ugarit, come from 1929. And the recognition processes are such every place in the world, and we should always put requirements to teachers and researchers. And often, they do not know things in properly ways. But knowledges and what we can understand are always factors that count in life!

There are several alphabets in the world, and the Latin alphabet is the most used. Hence, when organizing all the species we can find of everything in nature are always in relation to this old alphabet. To know or not to know, is always the situation of everyone. We should always know what things are coming from, what these things mean, and which consequences the theories, the methods and the data have. The alphabets in the world have the same or the different number of letters. And the letters are determining what we are saying and writing. And sometimes, there are special letters and words in a language. In Norway, few people are thinking about how and why about the alpahbet, they are just using it. The special letters we have in the alphabet in Norway are æ. ø and å! Hence, today we should know which person we are, and what this person implies of everything! Nowadays, we should go into ourselves, and we should explain ourselves. And theories and methods should always be used in addition to all the experiences.

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