Reasons to stay alive: The importance of being included in a society!

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We are still doing the society more complicated, and people cannot follow all moves. But we are either living in a society, or we are just excluded. Why are you and me here? Because, we want to be viisible in the structures in society, and we wish to help other people, and that is properly philosophy!

There are reasons to stay alive. We should thank our biological father and mother for our lives. But they were in love when they got us, and therefore we should thank them for life, with being in love with every man and woman that we meet. So, we can help other people in life. This means that there are two important reasons for being alive: The first is love, and the second is helping. And other reasons are freedom to perceive, and we should enjoy life and have a contribution in life. And if we just do as all other people, we are just copies, and there is no new thinking.

The societies in the world are getting more and more complex, and there is requirements for high education to master the highest positions in business life, in organizations, and in societies. And we can also compete about knowing as much as possible in life, and the more we know, the less we know for sure. Long education is putting in doubt many things that we learned from earlier education, and early life in schools, but we are just as the results we achieved, and therefore there is no more quality in environments than there is good results or excellent results. Everything we are learning later in life, is supporting what we did earlier in life.

But what is the actual reasons for why we are here? We should do tasks as good as we can individually and collectively, and we are here to learn and to help each other. And the jobs are just something we are getting for paying for the expenditures that we have in life.

Other reasons to stay alive are getting a family, and some people are coming after us, and the children to all times are the meaning from the father’s and the mother’s lives, and we have children because humanity of all times is the perspective of doing things in the eternity. And this is due to the fact that there will be humans at the earth, and we should always have enough to eat and to drink for the people being on the globe. But another important thing with live is to make and to take relations, and we should get all the warmth, and the positive comments as we just appreciate, and the more friends there can be the better, and otherwise we are enemies, and maybe for lifetime! And sexuality is a good thing in life, meaning love, and we should do as many activities as we want.

Many of us also have a religion, and the cause for that is that life is not lasting forever to all times, and we need to die a day. And this life has a meaning outside our lives, and therefore we should believe in something. Some people think that Christianity, Islam, the Big Bang, or other things are something to believe within. And this means that we think there is a destination after death, but many people mean we are just living here, and there is no point after that, since many believe that nothing is happening. But we do not know all the things we are writing about and speaking about, and therefore we must believe, and the main thing in life is the freedom to believe what we want.

Many people believe that we can die after having got one child or several children. That is the biology, and the philosophy of biology of life. But many people are loving us, and we should live the life as long as we can, and we should make relations in the whole life. And there are many people to be satisfied with.

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