On using the Gourmet salt and the special salt to the food and to the body for getting high quality salt! You find it on Laesø in Denmark!

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Laesø is an island to the east of Frederikshavn in Denmark. And it it located in Kattegat, the ocean outside Frederikshavn. Leasø, that is the island of Leas! We have had this island for a long time, and maybe the island stood under water during the Bronze Age. Leasø is an island that can be used for international trade, and the slogan should be that: «It is the import that we are living of». The import is making the product range richer than without any import. Laesø is known for seaweed, lobster and salt, and there is a good and varied product range through a long period of history!

Laesø Salt Care Gel has shown to have a good effect on cracks on heels and fingers. It can also be used as scalp shed to very dry and flaky scalp. It can be used in the morning and in the evening on the skin. It should be massaged in the scalp, and it should be affected during the night. Hence, this salt is excellent for the body, and you can take care of yourself in better ways if you are using the salt coming from Laesø.

The salt from Laesø is a Gourmet Sea Salt from Denmark, and hence you can use the salt on the food to have your meals even better. Laesø Sydesalt is produced as pan salt in accordance with ancient recipes. The salty groundwater is obtained from wells at Rønnerne. The water is poured into large iron pans which hang over the fire. The water evaporates and when the brine is saturated the salt crystallises. It's then shovelled up into large baskets where the excess water drips off prior to the salt being dried. It's very important that the water doesn't boil, or the salt will be bitter. Therefore, we can use the salt from Laesø to several things, and making the salt to different things is the widely used purposes for this salt. The salt from Laesø is called for the white gold! So, it is important for many people, and people use it to make their lives even better and richer! And the salt from Laesø is widely used in the world, and it is also in world class!

It is nice to be at Laesø, and you can enjoy life, and you can visit the island for business purposes or for holiday. And there is much too see and too experience on Leasø. You can visit the church, and getting an experience with finding the love and the logic in Christianity, and the life of Jesus Christ. And there are fishermen there, and they have made fishing for a long period of time. You can also visit the Leasø Saltworks, and anyone standing in the seething hut listening to the salt-seether's tales of Læsø salt is sure to be caught up in the atmosphere in the hut, by the beam construction, the simmering of the water, and the rays of light mingling with the steam and the smoke from the fire. It's not a new phenomenon on Læsø. From the 12th century and for the next 500 years, the inhabitants of Læsø produced salt in this manner. And therefore, we can get lectures on what is going on at Leasø, and what has ever happened in this island’s history.

There is delicious lobsters at Laesø, and there is many small places, and some places are centrally perceived for the island. The central places are the Western Port, Byrum, Bangsbo, the Eastern Port and Gammel Østerby. There are ferries that are going to and from the island, and the ferries are travelling to Frederikshavn, the harbour of Frederikshavn! We should travel to Frederikshavn before taking the ferry to Laesø, and there are many tourists at Leasø, and we find many countries in the world by speaking to the people being there.

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