On using religions and Christianity to seek for asceticism in life: The importance of using the philosophy of life according to religious books and learning!

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In the Bible, we find leaders for the people several places. And not to many of them had too long education and research background to lead their people, but they had the experiences that they were forced to to lead the nation in question in the desert area, in ordinary landscape with hills and valleys, and many other variations that you can find on earth, and that was created just many years ago, or there was a Big Bang with natural selection and the survival of the fittest, and much more evolution processes, that the universe and the earth became as they became, and as we perceive them to be today. There is much history behind us, and things has happened gradually in life. And therefore we can discuss today where it was a Creation by God with all the species being developed and destroyed through a period of time, or where there has been an evolution through billions of years, or the explanation that we cannot explain thoroughly what we are seeing and experiencing!

The religions in all ways are filled with philosophy and history, and we should think and feel in general and specific ways according to some written material and/or what has being said through many years of time at earth. Perhaps the religions are the areas where we find most philosophy in our lives, and the market information and the market philosophy are often more easy to dwell with and to find reasons on what, how and why. Causal analysis and philosophy in our daily lives are maybe the most known areas we are talking about and writing about causes, effects, and evolutionary processes that explain what we see and what we do.

We can read and think about many things we are dwelling with in the Bible, and we can write many essays about it. Perhaps the leadership to Moses, Aron and Joshua, is the most known leadership through all times, and we have the history of leading people and act in accordance with the wishes to the people, and how one should lead and think about the people you and I were leading from time to time. You do not always have to have the best leadership programs in the colleges and in the universities behind you to lead a people, but you should listen to your inner voice, and your good mood and your mind to lead the people as an accumulation of using the same or some new experiences from time to time. So, leadership is not always competence, but the leaders that have higher education have a benefit to lead in relation to leaders not having any high competence!

So, what is really asceticism, and why are we using it? We should respect all the religions, all the history to the religions, all the books and all the rituals and all the ceremonies. Asceticism means exercise in self-discipline with strict abstinence from material pleasures often for religious reasons. A person who is executing the asceticism is often referred to as referred to as ascetic. And things in life is not always done because we know something, but they are done because we do not always know something, or we have uncertainty on what is going on. In the Greek language, the word ascetic is often used in the importance of hermit, and this is about a person who is moving out from the society in question, to live a life in solitude.

So, should any religion imprint us inside and outside? Yes, it should if we are treating the religion in question in a serious way, and this is also true for the world religions known as Christianity and Islam. Christianity is about using the Bible, and knowing what to do when, and Islam is to use the Koran to know about all small details and great things in the relevant lives that are making practice about the religion which is actual for the actual environment and people. Christianity and Islam are the largest religions in the world. And we cannot talk away from them, if we are believing in one of them. And there are also similarities and differences in this religions, and the fundamental issue is that people have sins, and they are seeking a way of salvation in life, and therefore we also have salvation theory. And the differences you find in the histories in the Bible and in the Koran.

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