On reading the literature and being a human in humanity through all times!

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The literature is over us, again and again. We are doing progress as a society, and the human nature is superhuman, human or subhuman! We are living here, and we are working here, but which traces do we make after us? And has any of these things importance to you and me? And do not yawn to the nature for the nature yawns back to you! Who are you in human nature? Do we have any things that are just you?

Humans are reading literature from time to time, and this is making sense or it is stupid! But if you are awake, you are intelligent enough to see the development in the reading, and which things that are included and excluded. So, any written thing must be reflected in choices that we do, and choices we are doing the whole life, since we cannot be all places to all times.

Think of the river of happiness and unhappiness that pervades the body from time to time. Humans are either kindly against each other, or they are enemies through the whole life, and we can also be choosing combinations of being both a friend and a devil force. But life is short, and we are here to win, and to do new and unexpected moves where we are, otherwise things that are coming are just copies of what we did earlier in life. But never change a winning team, and working in teams is sensible if the organizations are doing things in better and in stronger ways, and one also perceives the effects different places within and without working life.

What does education at all lengths with all possible content mean for you and me? Education is a continuous process. You don’t “become educated” forever and in fixed think tanks at college or in a university. You are merely prepared for more education in other areas and in the same area. To be an educated person you must study continuously as long as you live. And therefore, all you are learning has an intensity and a width, and we can dwell with what we have learned all the life, and we can learn the same things once more, and we can also learn new things, and there can be innovation and progress in the things we are thinking, feeling and acting. And there is a philosophy in the education and the research, to learn life and people with psychology and sociology, and finding what individuals and groups can do for any organization being even better today and tomorrow than it was yesterday!

The second thing that education is doing for you and me is that it recognize ways to achieve mental improvements, and these things you are doing yourself. Essentially, nobody else can educate you than what you mean and which imaginations you are making with things to imagine. And that holds whether you’re learning the characteristics of Chaucerian style or the rudiments of the free market economy. So, this means that education has individual goals and purposes, and we are just developing ourselves as we just want in the whole life.

Where do the cells get their warmth from? Where does the blood get the warmth from? Where does the heart get the warmth from? We are coming from the origin of the universe at all the times we are living, and the progresses and the processes and the effects we have had in a society and still have, are stating that products are the same ideas as before, and something is coming in new ways with new ideas. And we can learn everything on this planet, if we are trying, and even doing things better than before. But when all things are coming to the surface, then we acknowledge that: We cannot do everything in the different sciences and in nature, but we can learn these thing!, We shall not do everything that is possible in life, because we make the choices we are feeling are the right for us!, and: We do not have to participate in everything, but we choose the activities where we want to be!. But life is free and open, and we determine what to do, and we also are doing things that people want.

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