On perceiving and enjoying and exploring the Twigson in the literature from Anne-Cath. Vestly!

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Little brother is a tough and a creative boy on seven years. His parents have decided that the family shall move from the town out in the districts, and this be a big change for the family. One day Little brther finds an unusual stick that he names the Twigson! We both have books and films about the Twigson!

The name the Twigson mean a plug or a pin. And we find this object in the nature. And we can play with it as we want, and we also can with humans wanting to be free or within a frame. Nobody tells us what to know, but we know best ourselves!

The Twigson is Vestly’s most popular series. We hear about how it is to be youngest in the family, and that is not always a nice story. It can also be lonely, not least when the family just now has moved to a new place, and mother works, father commutes, and big brother Philip is at school the whole day. We have several books about the Twigson, and some of them are: «The big book about the Twigson», «The Twigson: A book with small films and pictures», «Little brother and the Twigson», «The Twigson and the wonder package», «The faithful Twigson», «The Twigson is getting married», «The Twigson in trouble», «The expedition Twigson» and «The Twigson and the sea worm».

Many of us have read many of the books to Anne-Cath. Vestly. And she wrote about different things when she was alive, and many of these books were considered to be used among children. Little brother is the best friend to the Twigson, and we follow these two through their young life with what they are thinking and doing.

The main person in these books about the Twigson is Little brother, and we follow him from he is four years old to he is seven years old. Little brother acts in his environments, and these are filled with certainty and uncertainty, and his kind of mate is the Twigson, and the Twigson comes from a pine root. We can either explain humanity and the environments, or there are some black boxes in our brains when explaining something completely!

The choice of a tree root as the playmate for Little brother is suiting well in a consistent message in Vestly’s books. She is protesting against the consumer society and its rush for nice and expensive things, and she pays homage to simple life and family togetherness. The characteristics for Vestly’s authorship are the adult people being kind and patient and understanding, and for including children as employees and problem solvers.

The language in the first of the books are much in the perspective of the children, with great degree of doing things orally, and use of appellatives instead of own names, as for instance mother, father, the lady, the man in the shop and the carpenter. And we also have naive inspiration, specific understanding of prepositions and linguistic redundancy. An example is that: “The bus has probably has it terribly busy this afternoon”.

The world to the Little brother is as Vesly’s universe in the minds to small children otherwise, and it is much characterized of anxiety than childish rebellion, so the Twigson is especially good to have as channel for unrest. The Twigson is getting faster tired than Little brother, and the kind of deference that Little brother shows against the Twigson is actually a kind of self-care.

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I read alot...yet I never heard anything about Twigson (probably the fact that I live in Canada). I was curious and saw that it exist thru amazon. So I went on youtube and watched previews (Twigson is in Trouble). Looks pretty good 👍, I love children movies as I watch them all the time with my kids, so thanks for the info. It seems to have good values behind it, will compensate with everything else we watch 😄

Cool, thanks for your comment! :))