On making branding like brand revitalization by death and bankruptcy in businesses!

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Scandinavia is an open market, and there are plenty of opportunities there to reach the goals we are putting to ourselves in the firm, and the nature of the firm, due to what is happening and why. And there are existing brands in the markets, and there are new brands to come, and there also are dead brands, and we need to take care of what the situations are, and what can be done in sensible ways.

So, the models in brand equity management, should we listen to them? Perhaps and perhaps not. Perhaps we should listen because we should learn the businesses and the markets as they are functioning with the different products with brands and with none brands. You know, the market is always there, and the products are the most important thing in marketing. Good product and products with success are essential for the business market, and they can also get a star and a high value and evaluation in the markets. And the study programs we find in business schools, they should strenghten the firms even stronger and better in doing daily operations. And if the products are neutral or bad, we should do them even better, and all negative development should be turn to positive, an to an atmosphere where several firms in clusters and people are welcome. Perhaps not, we should experience the brand processes ourselves, and we should find ways to sell as many brands as possible, and we should try to be known by doing the products and the brands known to the markets, and there should be many buyers and potential buyers in the markets, and sell everything you can to them, and try to see solutions everywhere, and not just problems. The solutions to the shoes market in Africa are that people do not use too many shoes, and hence there is a big market for them there. And positive associations and being a positive human mind, is maybe the best sides of your personality that we can use many places, and many new people can be known.

So, brand revitalization! That occurs when the products and the brands are going for being alive and good in the market to being bad, or they have been bad through all the conceivable time that we can think of. We should turn all bad development to something positive, and faith, hope and love is important as we see through the Bible, but there is also other important values, especially for the sellers, and we should sell as much as we can everywhere, and that means that we are open for new markets, entry barriers and new countries in the new markets, either these markets are domestic or foreign. So, the brands are bad and dead and go to bankruptcy, if they have low sold, or they are selling the brands in such manners that employer and employee cannot work with these thing in the long run, since the companies must earn money in the long run. We should stand up from death, and find new brands, new ways of marketing the brand, finding marketing strategies that are sensible and good, doing information processing that are sensible, and doing the brands known many places, and we should stress the arguments of WHY buying the brands, and we should stress the importance of having the brands at home and in businesses, and which benefits we can get by having the brand and offer it to your family and your friends, and new people are just new friends regardless of which place and country they are coming from. Brand revitalization is about putting a new flag in the earth, and selling these new brands consisting in the flag to as many people as possible. And if the potential buyers are negative to buy the product, try to convince them. Sale is about convincing a person about why he or she should buy the product and the brand.

So, Kevin Lane Keller and David Aaker are brand management gurus. But we should consider them as developing models, and doing the business markets even better in mental thinking. These persons are both professors. Kevin Lane Keller is talking much about brand value and marketing, and this is about making the atmosphere which you are just loving, and being engaged with marketing and sales many places. He is also talking about making strongs brands. And David Aaker is telling the markets, that there are personalities there, and the better you can get a human, the more you can sell, and the more satisfied can the vendors, the buyers and the potential buyers be. So, look domestic and foreign, and try to find new opportunities many places. And the market is free, and we should go in national and international markets.

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