On knowing what to know now when we are knowing now!

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Context of discovery or context of justifaction is scientific discovery, and it comes from Stanford University and Harvard Business School. We must not be silly or being engaging in agitation, but ws should know things, and we should be aware and conscious of why we know as we know!

One is being frustrated when meeting all the opinions, especially when you cannot agree in all things, since we have study programs on it at Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT and the best schools in the world. All things are about competence, and we should not care of people who do not greet us, but we will go our own and independent way. And find a lady and love a lady, and we can do whatever we want in life, and we have the freedom and the free will, and there is always literature around which people either know or do not know. And knowledges you have are your own responsibility, and you determine the ways in life, and we do not have to listen to anyone!

It has been some years ago when Thomas Kuhn wrote about what we know, and what we are dwelling with in our minds from time to time. We are always operating as humans, and it is the same whether we are inside or ourside environments and buildings. We cannot trust any position or any organization without having the foundation for it, and what we know should be tried against every environment with context of discovery and context of justification. In context of discovery, it is about knowing, and taking care for what we know, and which implications it has. And in context of justification we are testing things, and trying to prove or disprove theories and ässumptions, and what we know from before can be true or wrong. We should always have theories, methods and data within the scientific paradigm we are operating within, and as researchers we can be open for what is happening, or we are having different beliefs about what is going on. So, ocmpettion about giving the best contribution to the world, and having a strong personality, are always things we are going within. And this is true for the best business schools and the best universities in the whole world, and this is due to all the history we find at all places.

A paradigm we are working within from time to time, implies the things we believe about theories, methods and data that are known for everyone being engaged in sciences. But we should always ask: «What do you know? And: Why do you know as you know?». We cannot just think about all the wondering that has been done before, and we should also be skeptical to every university and business schools degree from every angle in the world, because what we have learned could be changed in our lives, and in the lives that come in the future. We should know as much as we can, and cannot deny knowledges when we have a conference or a seminar, and there are coming even more thoughts, for instance thousands of alternative thoughts to think about when giving our contributions. And academic degrees are something you learned at a time, but competence is something you develop through the whole life. And we should be the BEST and challenging all environments with being a bastard and being in an opposition! We cannot be sure of anything unless we have the reasons and the arguments for it, and we should try to make objections to be even better in knowing what we know! And this way of thinking should be used in experiments in ever school at ever level. We should not have help for anything, but the scientific processes are about knowing and dwelling with what we know, and we can tell the world the truth, and the world can tell us the truth. And if you are in doubt, be careful about your opinions, because we have as many opinions as we have people in the world, but what we know now should be used when making theories, and by using empirical facts about testing what we know, and how and why this is truth!

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Sverre Larsen

Kristiansand, Norway

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Very well said, everything must be supported by data and results, and knowledge must be shared. Science is so broad that it gives for many.

Thanks! :)

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Thank you so much! :)

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