On finding the logic for pulleys and waists: The barbell principle in action!

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Nature is always around human nature. And we have forces in nature, and sometimes humans can explain them logically, and other times we do not know, but we try to know even better. That is the philosophy of understanding what is going on, on all things that humans can understand, and have the potential to explore!

The barbell principle means that if you are using pulleys and waists, you just have to use half of the power or half of the energy from time to time when doing an operation that requires forces. If you have one pulley and one waist you are using half of the power in Newton to get the practical operation being done, and if you use two pulleys and waits, you just have to use one fourth of the weigh that the object really have. But you have to use more time to use more ropes to perform the operation. That is the principle we find in nature, and the logic is that if humans can do something of all we can do and not do, we can do it by the help of pulleys and waits, since we have to use less power than is in nature to perform the operation. So, this is the help when doing lifting, otherwise we just had to lift the object as it is!

So, humans have since their very first existence, done experiments with the power and how to use more power than necessary, and how to use less power than the system in the nature just will tell us. We have used the barbell principle in building buildings and building new systems anywhere, and we have used it to life timber. This is the way that humans make new sense of the operations that can be done in nature, and pulleys and waists were a pioneering discovery in treating the weight of different objects, different humans and different building and systems.

Could anything in physics and chemistry and in marketing be without the nature and the human nature? It can not. The treaties of human nature, is the ways we are from being the humans as we are. But understanding and the logic of doing something, are factors we use and develop through the whole life. And life is easy and complex, and sometimes humans have to calm down to understand the things and the persons properly. So, humans can tell exactly what we know, they can tell us more than we know, and they can tell us less than we know. Nevertheless of what we are doing and thinking, there is variation in nature, and understanding from being a child that things are the same as before and they are different, that is a good way to understand the life. Often, we do not have models that fit the reality with perfectly degrees as the nature is, but we have explanation power for the models, and this goodness-of-fit is always between 0 % and 100 %, with the borders that are mentioned included. You should never state something unless you have support for it somewhere. Otherwise, the quality of humans is not the best you can imagine, but life is filled with opinions and not with theories, methods and data.

On earth? Time and space cannot be separately assessed, but they must be analyzed simultaneously. And you should always be in doubt and sceptical about backgrounds, also you own, and the environments are just consisting of humans with some thoughts in their minds, and they do not have all the thoughts that you find. So, we fill our brain and our intelligence with books and perspectives in life, and maybe we are more sensible at the end than we were in the very start of our lives. And we should always be engaged with something instead of doing nothing, and Pablo Neruda from Chile has shown us that poetry and literature help us when we are in danger and distress. We should always finish our education, also as leaders, and life is causal, descriptive, and explorations. And the same is true in talking and in writing.

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