On finding the answers on what are the differences between artificial intelligence and the human brain!

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Artificial intelligence is something we must focus on and take seriously. These robots can do much of operations in the future. And the markets are in every country, so we should take this into account, and dwell about its consequences.

There are something in the human body which are difficult to copy! The first is the feelings we have. Much today can be standardized with robot using rationality. But what if we come to emotions, and the feelings that constitute us like a human species. We cannot be sure about anything in history, but there are evidences that homo sapiens has developed through thousands of years, and that there has been life with other species before that. Hence, there is logical reasoning on why we are as we are as humans, and how the evolution has actually been.

But what about feelings? You are warm in your body, you are cold and you feel something about whether the life is good or bad. Feelings are deeply founded in the human body, and we cannot hide them. But it is difficult to copy them as artificial intelligence. Feelings or emotions are subjective experiences which are characterized as pleasure or discomfort. Intensively brain activity always accompanies the experience, but it is not agreement about the causes and effects about emotions in the sciences. Feelings have something to do with the unconscious ways of being, and the thoughts we are thinking without being aware of them. Hence, emotions are something we have, and that has been giving us through the periods that there have been humans at earth! And that can be much discussed, also in the scientific environments, and we cannot be sure about all beliefs, but either we believe or not believe when being here!

So, what about the brain? You can fill the robots with all the thinking material and the libraries that exist on earth. And accordingly, you need not any professor to take care of what is going on. But you cannot standardize all the brain waves and all the brain structures, because we are not sure about it today. So, to a distinct degree, the rationality can be explained, and we can use the robots to do these jobs, but where you should think and give logical reasoning, we cannot use the robots. But many things can be done with using the robots, and same and standardized messages and operations are good for them. But this means that we should find new and exciting work for people in business life becoming redundant, and we should use our brains to explain things, and doing things in business life even better!

The artificial intelligence sets a new standard for businesses. And we can go into the whole human body as you have it, find all the opinions and standpoints that are possible, and we can bright through the body in the ways that are possible nowadays, and in the ways that always have been possible. But there is much fun with the robots. They can sing, they can define and change their citizenship, and you can fill them with all the issues that are possible to present at meetings. But there are problems with doing life in normal ways, and all the things that are happening in the life to humans cannot always be copied. And the ways of being from conservative to liberal are not always easy to copy. But if the robots are open, and they can do anything without having any disturbances from humans, they can do a lot! The artificial intelligence will change the business life in the future. And maybe we need not to travel so much that is needed today, since any robot can easily be there from New York to Tokyo or to whichever city, town and village at earth!

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La tecnología nunca llegaran a la parte emotiva del ser humano, es muy difícil copiarlo. Puede minimizar por completo las posibilidades de error, realizar tareas complejas y peligrosas, tienen la posibilidad de realizar tareas repetitivas, en la parte de salud puede evaluar y diagnosticar pacientes. Tener sentimientos es muy difícil que los tenga. Feliz día.