On finding cemented perceptions in humans in environments: Loving the persons as they are!

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We should be engaged with freedom and with lack of knowledges in life. And sometimes we know, and sometimes we do not know, and that admission applies to all of us, because nobody can know all things to all times, and the history has also been filled with such examples.

Human nature is interesting, exciting and funny, and we should appreciate each other as we are when being here at earth. And cemented perception is a fixed perception that is difficult to change, but maybe the persons in question have reasons for what they are doing. And we are living as we are, and sometimes we are changing our personality, and that has to do with knowledges and being updated in a modern society. But you are always free to believe what you want, and how the origin of species, the origin of the earth, and the origin or the universe really are, are difficult to prove in all instances, and hence we should know what we know and know even more, and we should also believe in a religion if we do not find all the answers in the sciences. And some people do not believe in anything else than the forces and the power in the human nature. And this speculations are due to all people in all positions in all organizations in any country.

So, we are humans just as we are due to our background, and our understanding in literature and in experiences through all times of humanity. We need education at all levels, and we need boards to explain and take care of what is happening. But my perception is free, and many other people are also free in what they are believing about life. God is immeasurable, so there are no boundaries! But the boundaries are something that humans bring to different environments, and hence we should explain what is going on, and the consequences about what we are doing. God is everything in the reality, and God is both visible and invisible about how God’s properties really are.

Everyone can be engaged with cemented perception, if you claim something orally or written that you do not have research and foundation on. Unfounded perceptions and bias are typical, and this can be true for many people. But try to understand reality as you can, and love the people we meet in life, since no human has a constant understanding of how life is, and why it should be as it should be. We are learning through the whole life, and we are trying to shape and inform environments. But love people, and they love you! And we should love each other independent of background. We cannot be blaimed for whom we are! But find your way in life, and be together and form environments even better and stronger than before.

So, should you have more opinions and better opinions than me? We cannot know for sure, but we are sometimes meaning the same, and other times we are meaning different. But we are as we are due to many factors, parameters and variables, and the Bible encourage us all to appreciate each other, and we can find many solutions on things and on organizations and societies that just people are loving. Every human has the same value, but we are different in the ways we are. And we cannot make waterproof study programs for there are always leaks in some places. But we should be engaged with supporting and understanding the lives of people, and we get the support, the warm welcome and the understanding back to ourselves. So, life is like a labyrinth where we find entrances and exits, and we should being in solving problems through all our lives, and life is about getting comfort and convenience where we are. And we should be constructive, and doing things in right ways.

So, the opinions we have are just private and some are public, and we should have opinions as many like, and develop our perceptions through all of our lives. And we cannot state anything, unless we have the foundation for it, and this is also true in research.

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It was a long read, but got ot it 🙂. Great post, i think that your choice of words "my perception is free, and many other people are also free in what they are believing about life." - is very well formulated. Very philosophical too, it was interesting till the end. Public, private as many as we can have and mine think that this is a great post. Was worth the time you took👍