On exploring the arts to Pablo Picasso: The way of seeming strange and magical and different!

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Art is about doing something concrete and abstract. And Picasso tried to make some imaginations in life, and what we should think about life and our surroundings.

What can you ever imagine of all the imaginations that are possible? We should expand our brain, and perceiving life in normal and in magical ways. There is no correct solutions of all solutions in life, but there are several suggestions. And books are and what we learn in schools can be dwelled with, and we can learn all things that have been learned before, and also doing things in new, creative and in innovative ways. Picasso was coming from Spain, and he is maybe the greatest artist of the 1900s.

What made Picasso so great? You can just walk and talk in Stockholm! And you find Picasso with art as many eyes seeming everything and everywhere in life, but as humans we can use just two eyes, and we are using our eyes to understand and interprete reality. And other arts of Picasso are about faces, and the body as it can be used. And there are many colors and just things you and me see in life, and what can be said about what we see and experience from time to time and from place to place.

Pablo Picasso was born on 25 October 1881 in Málaga in Spain, and he died in Mougins in France, in 8 April 1973. He work has been shown and is still shown in Museum of Modern Art, and in Art Institute of Chicago. And the periods he was working within were cubism, surrealism and expressionism. And hence what life is and should be and how strange it could be, is much in the focus of Picasso. We cannot know all lives to everybody, and things that are happened should be understood if they could.

Think about how your brain can be, and how you can make it most free as its maximum. Some o fus are conservative and restrictive, but we should think about what is possible to think, and why we are as we are, and how the development can ever be everywhere. And are the schools in all countries strong enough here? They are really not, but the explanations are that the travels are the same from person to person. Be serious in life, and be friends with as many as possible, also with the leaders!

What can ever be your explanations in life and why? But we should seek developments in life, and doing something we know, and doing new things in addition. Picasso is taken a leading posiiton in modern painting in the first half of the 1900s. His art is much about the naturalistic studies to abstraction. His ways of doing experiments, combined with a superior security in the execution of all-encompassing technical superiority, and this has done him to the person that has given most valuable contributions to European development of art through a half century!

Why is anything great in art? What makes it great? That is abstraction and telling something about our lives and our environments. There are many faces coming together different places, and we take our personalities and our views and opinions to tell something. But could this be different, and why is things as some tell them to be? We should follow the directions and the opinions and the standpoints that we find in the organizations, but what can we aspire to as humans? Should the concepts in science and the empirical data be changed, and how are we making interpretations in life, and why are we telling the same story about salaries and the value creation for firms everyplace? Everybody can get the stories from NHH and SNF in Bergen in some seconds!

Should «Imagine» of John Lennon be played more and more? What has made us of the humans that we are? The love is greatest in all of our lives, and we should think about Picasso as putting the world in abstract ways, and trying to tell us what we should perceive about different things in life. We should use the visions and the philosophy of firms in our lives, and we are all together and in the same boat, but we are just at different places and in the same places from time to time.

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Gracias por interesante información, feliz martes.

Thank you! :)

A la orden

you just remind me some art-collages with Picasso's artworks from the different age. His style was changing so much with his age and in the end of his life, works were really amazing. The way he saw the world was incredible

example below

Very cool, thanks for sharing it :)