On experiencing the solar eclipse in Norway on 10 June 2021!

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What we see at the earth, on the moon, in front of the sun, on the sun are due to things and changes that are happened in the universe. And any solar eclipse is special and due to things that happen.

On 10 June, the largest solar eclipse happened in Norway, and this solar eclipse was the largest in Norway for several years, actually for 6 years. The solar eclipse is the largest since March 2015. On the middle of the day, actually between 12.00 and 14.00 o’clock on Thursday 10 June 2021, the moon passed between the earth and the sun, and therefore it shaded the solar disk. And this was called for a solar eclipse. And the sun is standing high on in the sky. And the solar eclipse is maximal around 13.00 o’clock.

Every things that happened at the highest level in any country is due to human resource management. You and me have a value, and we are appreciated where we are from time to time. And sometimes we are in the jobs, and sometimes we are not, and this is much related to Economics and Administration.

The University of Tromsø has considered the solar eclipse in a larger article, and they were going to stream the solar eclipse in such ways that you can see in on the net. With this solar eclipse is not equally large as we experienced in Norway for six years ago. In 2015, the 95 percent of the sun disappeared in Tromsø, and this time 51 percent disappeared. In Hammerfest, the sun is disappeared with 53 percent this Thursday, in Trondheim 30 percent, and in Oslo with 31 percent. And the longer you are against the north, the darker it is.

Thursday on 10 June, about half of the sun was clouded here in Norway. And the longer against the north you were located, the better you could see this event. And every place on the earth has something to do with the light, the darkness, and changes in the conditions that we normally perceive. So, normally we are seeing the sun, we are seeing the moon, and we are seeing the earth, but sometimes there are changes that happen, and we see these things around the whole globe, and therefore we cannot deny for what is happening, and these things are also educated and learned in the schools at different levels in different countries.

The solar eclipse is less than what we had in 2015, and that solar eclipse was between 89 and 97 percent for the mainland in Norway. If you are seeing against the sun, you should use sunglasses or sunscreen in front of the camera, and this can be said by anyone involved, and therefore we need not always be in the offices.

We are experiencing the next solar eclipse in Norway in 2061, and til will therefore happens in several years in the future. People are seeing what they are seeing, and some have opinions in all the degrees that are possible, and you can have a strong or a weak opinion about something. And we should accept that there is variations about all possible opinions in the people, and the better you can use the time, the better there is. And you should rather read a good book than using too much time on questionnaires.

We should use our brains and our sights to see things that are happening, and we should experience different things that people are doing. And people did not have to follow the sciences completely, because there should be variations, and people experience what they do according to what they see, and according to whom they are in accordance with assumptions, conditions and expectations.

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