On dwelling with Goethes «Faust». What are the lessons to be learned?

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In the work «Faust» of Goethe we learn that we want to know much in life, and what we see and experience should be known even better than the ordinary brain can reveal. What are really the causes and effects behind the models, and does data and ordinary research reports really cover the truth and the meaning like it is?

The truth is either some relative knowledges in relation to what other people believe, or it is an absolute law or statement which we claim to reveal in reality and in real life. But truth can be known, and we can learn as much as we want to know as humans. And the more we know, the less we know for sure. And when confronting conservative values with the modern world, and doing obligations or duties versus doing art in life, we find several ways and areas where there are much more to do.

Research is a variant you write and reflect upon in relation to the professional courses you have ever taken in schools at any levels. And it is a search in a new way, where we use the strategic triangle with theories, data and methods.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) worked for more than 60 years with the work that should be the highlight of the German literature, and a pillar of the world literature. The work “Faust” is happening about the humans efforts against the truth and for reaching even higher goals than ever before. And therefore lives with meaning are much more appreciated than just human beings in the normal human nature, and therefore we are saying much and writing much to each other as we have known from before, and many times nothing is new and an innovation in the literature, and in the conventional messages and in the communication which we are used to. And we can be respected as humans, and we can also be controversial with our opinions and meanings about different things and different buildings and different people. We should not mean too much unless we have the theoretical and the empirical foundation for it, but as humans we are free, and hence we can do what we want in the literature, and in the statements that are apart of ourselves, and the environments and the world around us.

What is really the meaning behind the work “Faust”? It is the chief character of a medieval legend, represented as selling his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and power. Therefore, we should use all good and devil forces to know what should be known about something or someone! Hence, what we know, how we know it, and why it is like it is, has something to do with our framing of the world, and the interpretations that we make, and that is the true story and history about many humans living before and about many people living today, and it is also much philosophy about what we can know, and «Faust» is an example of telling more than we can know, since you are curious to know everything behind something.

So, we are selling our souls to the devil, and get knowledge and power in response on what we are doing. Therefore any problem that is stated reveals the bad forces in the human nature in many situations, and the solution is also the understanding from the hell. But we cannot do anything more than our real human nature and our personality tell us whom we are.

Any discipline in the sciences that we perceive from time to time is telling us what to think, and how the logical reasoning is within courses and facts that you find in reality and in the books. And everything in reality can be framed within an understanding in the literature, and life is about knowing what to do in real situations, and we need theories and methods to understand something deeper than just the touching in the surface!

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Learning is for a life time and there is no end to it. From what u have said i have leatning no to joke with learning irrespective of the difficulties it may comes with.
Nice write up. Thanks for sharing

Knowledge is the force of power and there is no end to learning :)