On doing brands stronger, as before, and weaker: The role of philosophy with laymen and laywomen and scholars in the markets, and with the behavior we are choosing!

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We are just human beings in all the business firms on our planet. Hence, what we are doing from place to place will either have effects, the doings are ignored, or people will not listen!

Building stronger brands is easy to claim, but how can this be done in any firm? The main reason is that the professors have not tried to out there in the markets, and hence their beliefs do not follow people’s and customers opinions, and the professor are wrong! Unfortunately.

Life is a competition where we try to be best, and where there is competitions in getting the best positions and earn as much money as possible. Some have success in their work, and some fail. But the recruitment policy and the training and socialization attempts at the working place is there, to try to build positive and strong employees. And this can imply that we are working with brands that are strong, or we are doing them strong. But most often, we do not know all the knowledges with products that the customers have, and hence the firm’s marketing attempts are right or they are wrong. But firms are trying to build strong brands, and to do marketing attempt in the ways that they are profitable within. But as employees we do not know all the kinds of reactions to customers at all times, although we know all the variations in human behavior, and this is due to the fact that the customers know the products, and this knowledge is gold, and it can also be bad for the firms, and a disaster for the firm, and these knowledge effects in the markets, were things that the known world philosopher Immanuel Kant made his thoughts on.

So, the serious firms are trying to build strong brands when coming to sale and to market share. But the reality in business life is not always pleasant, and this means that the use of a brand can be as for every time before. And other times, we have brands that are bad, and brands that we lose money on. This means that we find variations on profitability on brands in the markets, and there can also be synergy among brands, so we are earning money on some brands because they are supported by weak brands. So selling footballs can be a good thing. But we can have problems with selling equipment for the supporters. Try to think what to do with the most known football clubs in the world, like for instance Real Madrid and Liverpool and Manchester United. They need supporters to be on the matches, they need financial support from the public, and they need to sell footballs and advertising and all kinds of equipment that the supporters are capable and able to demand!

Will the business markets in the world be equal from country to country and from place to place? The philosophy is the same, since we are operating in markets to earn money on selling products and brands. But some firms have one product, some have some products, and some have many products. We should not have more products than the organization is willing to sell in the short run and in the long run! But the problem with professors in different business schools is that they have not tried the business life, and accordingly they think that there is sunshine stories everywhere, but that is not often the case! And the business operates in an environment with vendors and customers and with substitutes, and there are rivalry among the competitors within an industry. Therefore, the theory of the five forces from professor Michael E. Porter is correct, but we cannot always make the sun to shine in strong ways in all places, although we are trying, and we are doing our best attempt to get the company we are working for to have as good market effects as possible and for having a good reputation!

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