On developing the human rights in societies to the pleasure of everyone: The case of Qatar!

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People in different societies should be treated in fairly ways. And we should not die at work, but we should plan and implement the human forces in such cases that the working places become their second home!

It is good that the different nations today, are developing the people’s freedom, destination of choices, and what you deserve to be like a human with the human rights in focus. We cannot deny that things and people should be treated in badly ways, and there should also be good working conditions also with planning new championships to come, also in football. And therefore, different countries and different national football teams today, protest of the development if it is not desired in relation to good and warm human relations, and accordingly humans of the earth determine what to get of solutions different places. It is not human relations and human rights, if people die at the work, and that the working conditions are not optimal. We should find solutions for work of different manners in such cases that the athletes get what they have been looking forward to. But what is the problem in Qatar today? That is: Where does the shoe press the most?

In 2022, Qatar shall arrange the football world cup. And many people around the world today, mean that boycott is not the solution of that kind of event. But people working with the facilitates should have good working conditions, they should earn their salary, and they should have good enough competitive solutions of all other solutions we can compare the situation with. So, there should be a world cup in football in Qatar, but different organizations are dependent on the governing of resources, and the human resources of just doing the work. And this is typical for many organizations taking parts in different projects with the core group out there. We should do our planning and our implementation, and we should get the solutions that the world and the country deserve of what is going on.

Amnesty International and other organizations, for instance FIFA, in the world, has shown their engagement and their ways to communicate with Qatar and leaders of the organizations and the states and the nations in question in relation to say what is accepted and what is not accepted for different solultions around the world. We should act locally, and think globally! And being engaged with building a football event for the world cup should be treated in fairly ways, and all the people engaged have equal value, but there is differences between us when coming to competence, and what background we have in our personal luggage. Therefore, we cannot talk in manners of high competence, unless the people around us also have this competence. And the competence should do you able, to solve different problems of different kinds, and you should think in the most developed ways when having the solutions that the study programs are telling you!

So, what is the pleasure for any football event with world cup or national cup or something other championships? That we take care of each other, and that you and me can be how we are, and what we are in the environments where we are. And we should love each other, and there is better to be different personalities than being the same, since we need just one human at earth, if all people are equal. But we have much of the same luggage in our background, but life will show you and me where to go in future! And our choices should be reflected and defended!

So, when should there be a world cup in a nation, and who is going to be blamed for what happened in advance? We should take care of the workers rights, and not kill too many people when doing the things we are forced to.

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